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19 Sep, 2021
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taking a closer look

Taking A Closer Look At The World We Live In! – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Sacred Geometry Part 1: Taking A Closer Look At The World We Live In!

Have you ever noticed how the petals of a flower sit so perfectly around the seed head? Or better yet, have you ever noticed how intricately the seeds are patterned on the seed head? You must have noticed how perfectly snail shells and nautilus shells spiral. Or wait, you can at least recall watching the weather on CNN – remember those hurricane images? Yeah? Spiral again, right?

Correct. Everything in our life is connected to Sacred Geometry. Don’t worry, this blog is not about math or angles. But it does include numbers. Well, the first one anyway.

This September, we are going to take a closer look at the sacred geometric patterns that exist all around us, forming the basis of life in the universe.

Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of creation. Broken down, geometry is the basis of all forms, numbers, and patterns seen throughout nature. What makes it Sacred? Everything in life stems from this geometric base. Sacred geometry explores and explains the energetic patterns through which creation organizes itself. It is believed that everything in nature is formed from one or more geometric shapes. (Mountains are triangles, trees are circular, our eyes are circular, as are petals).

Now that I have your attention, let’s take a deeper look at some common everyday shapes and their sacred geometric meanings.

The Circle is the most basic shape of nature. It has neither beginning nor end and represents a never-ending loop. Remember Pi? The “never-ending” sequence of numbers that is used to calculate the circumference of a circle? Same thing. The circle also represents completion (when a flower blooms fully, it forms a perfect circle).

Next, let’s look at the Triangle. This shape has a lot of sacred connotations. It is said to represent balance and harmony. The three sides of a triangle can equate to the body, mind, and spirit. Facing upwards, the triangle can represent consciousness or fire. While pointing downwards, it symbolizes feminine energy (shape of the Womb), water, or the unconscious mind.

What’s in a Square? Practical and Solid Energy. Just like the base of the Egyptian Pyramids. Squares are considered to be grounding, safe, and dependable.

From the hurricane to the snail’s shell, the Spiral is one of the most powerful symbols of Sacred
Geometry. Fern leaves start of as Spirals, and to think about it, so do human embryos, right? The Spiral is also the result of one of the most important and powerful numerological discoveries: the Fibonacci Sequence, or the Golden Ratio, which we will look at more closely next week. Spirals relate to everything from the shape of your very DNA to how energy flows through your chakras.

Pretty interesting, isn’t it? You are going to be more intrigued next week. Till then, how about you start taking a closer look at the world around you!

taking a closer lookAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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