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06 Oct, 2022
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Starlings Of The Nairobi National Park When visiting the various National parks in Kenya, it is difficult not to see various species of starlings. The Nairobi National Park is one of the parks that has some special varieties like the

The Rare African Skimmer We arrived at the Hyena dam early on a lazy Sunday afternoon and parked our vehicle as we often do when watching birds. Suddenly a movement on the edge of the dam caught my eye, WOW!! A

The Hunter Bird Of The Nairobi National Park It was late in the afternoon as I entered the East Gate. As the weather was fairly gloomy and cloudy, I had not prepared my camera to be ready for any natural event.

Sandgrouse Safari Moment In The Nairobi National Park After another dry and dusty dark night, three tiny little black-faced sandgrouse chicks began to “cheep-cheep” to their parents that they were getting very thirsty. The sun was just beginning to rise