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05 Dec, 2021
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swinging & rocking chairs

Swinging & Rocking Chairs- H&S Homes & Gardens

Swinging & Rocking Chairs- Do You Prefer To Rock Or Swing?

Swinging chairs and rocking chairs are beautiful pieces that you can add to your home furniture! However, you don’t want to just pick something that stands out aesthetically. You want to pick something that’s comfortable as well as looks pretty. Swinging chairs that hang from the ceiling need some careful thought as to where you want to place it, however, a rocking chair is mobile and can be placed anywhere without too much thought.  Check out our 6 top picks for chairs that have are structurally pretty as well as comfortable! What’s your chair style?


1. The Egg-Shaped Hanging Chair-

swinging & rocking chairsThis wooden hanging chair is an elegant piece to have in your home. You can throw a soft cushion and a fleece blanket for a comfy look and feel!

2. The White Macrame Hanging Chair-

This white macrame hanging chair is a pretty touch to your modern home. It’s beautifully crafted with knots and looks classy on its own. However, if you want to add some colour you can throw in a contrast cushion!

3. The Contemporary Wheel Hanging Swing-

This contemporary piece is a functional piece of art. The metallic body with wooden seat is classy. For a more comfy look and feel a fleece covering and pillow has been used!

4. The Rustic Rattan Rocking Chair-

swinging and rocking chairsThis rocking chair is a classic vintage piece that will make any room stand out. You can add this piece of furniture in your bedroom or your sitting room for the rustic look and feel.

5. The Classic Spring Rocking Chair-

If you love vintage-come-modern then this piece is a beaut! It’s got a cushioned back and seat for extra comfort. You can rock on this without having your toes trapped! Another classy piece to own!

6. The Modern Contemporary Rocker-

swinging & rocking chairsThis modern rocker is different from the traditional rocker. It’s sculptural made of a fibreglass seat secured with metal frames to wooden bow rocker base, simply crafted to perfection! If you are into contemporary designs then this beauty will definitely catch your eye!




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