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Stylish Accessory For Men - H&S Fashion

Stylish Accessory For Men – H&S Fashion

Men’s Stylish Accessory – The Tie

Men, the most sought for stylish accessory this 2019 is none other than the tie! The tie is an integral part of every gentleman’s life and is thus a part of his daily wear from being worn to the office daily to being worn at formal affairs such as weddings, receptions, dinners etc. Hence, without a doubt the tie is the stylish accessory most sought for! Keep reading to find out the different stylish ties that have made it on our list!

4 Stylish Must-have Ties For Men

1. Plain Tie

When thinking of plain ties, black should be the top colour on your list, men! This is the must have ‘be-all & end-all’ colour tie for any man as it practically goes with anything. We, however recommend that a plain black tie be worn with a white shirt & a dark suit as the perfect contrast. The second trendy plain coloured tie we have picked for you is the red tie. Reds come in many shades and this colour when particularly worn with blue, pink, black or white shirts, stands out perfectly!

2. Dots & Circles All The Way

Looking to standout? Try choose a tie with dots or circles. Just make sure that they are not too bold or big for that perfect dashing yet playful look!

3. Get Striped!

The stripes in a striped tie can be of similar or contrasting colours giving the tie a unique pattern & look. It can be thin & equally spaced or alternate wide and thin stripes. Our pick this 2019 is the alternate wide & thin striped tie which looks elegant & works well with various plain shirts.

4. Geometric Designs

Geometric designs are modern and elegant. A geometric designed tie is a must have this 2019! It goes well with a plain suit & a plain shirt!

Tip: How should a tie be worn?
The tie should be sitting just at the belt or waistline and should not be any longer or shorter in length. The outer band of your tie should be at least an inch longer than the inner band.



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