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16 Mar, 2023
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Spiritual Path

Spiritual Path – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Spiritual Path & Healing – Article by Shahwana

Almost everyone who undertakes a true spiritual path will discover that profound personal healing is a necessary part of his or her spiritual process.

The body, the mind and the spirit need to be aligned together, otherwise, when the practitioner wants to do deep meditation, he or she finds himself not able to focus, the mind being a monkey mind runs from 1 to another memory. The more you try to meditate, the less focused you find yourself. One of the reasons for this is that there is a lot of clutter in the aura, or as we call the energy body. Humans generate 60,000 thoughts in one day as we are told, unless we understand how to manage those thoughts the process of spiritual growth can be a tough journey to take.

One reason energy healing is popular among spiritual practitioners is that they understand that the energy body needs to be decluttered, and only once the aura and the chakras are in balance, the physical body also responds to this pattern. Once you learn how to control your body as we call it ‘vehicle’ in many parts of these spiritual books, then the real spiritual journey begins within the peace, starting with letting go of the past.

One starts recognizing him or herself as a soul, and that journey is now on the right track. In today’s world, we are all in a physical world connected to material things, we take life for granted, and we rely on material things. Once the body dies at that point, the soul comes to a reality check – it knows for a fact that ‘I was always the soul, occupying this physical body’. This realization is that comes at the point of death may not be very helpful to those who are seeking to evolve in this lifetime.

So the journey begins now on clearing the past, decluttering the pain, the suffering, learning the lessons and trying to move on. Through the spiritual path, seekers first have to require skills to heal the wounds of the past spiritual practitioners and bring healing to their bodies, hearts and minds. They learn the techniques to be still, they learn the techniques to be aware of what’s going on in their emotional bodies, variables to understand the reasons for feeling angry, and deal with the past with compassion.

A wise spiritual practice requires that we actively address the pain and conflicts of our life in order to welcome the inner integration and harmony. Through the guidance of a skilful teacher, then the meditation and healing can take effect. One needs the right tools to apply, in order to begin the journey as a spiritual practitioner or a seeker.

This is one of the reasons the energy healing concepts are very popular on a spiritual path, healing like Reiki, Pranic healing, magnetizing healing, and Spiritual healing, are common grounds known to practitioners who are trying now to heal the inner core of their past hurts. Without clearing these energies, the spiritual path can be a very hard one.

Ends of ages we have seen sages going to the mountains to retreat, they look for areas where they can be alone where they can meditate and try and achieve oneness. But such sages have also gone through a lot of pain, sorrow and suffering in this process.

The Teacher has been through the Amazon and knows the way through, that’s why a great teacher has gone through all this purging. The teacher has gone through enough suffering and understood the lessons of detachment and attachment to a larger degree.

The healing has happened, the wounds have healed. So the journey of a spiritual practitioner needs deep healing, psychological healing, emotional healing, mental healing, and physical healing. One also has to develop what we call willpower. The willpower not to give in to temptations, to control the emotions to control the mind. All this is a process of learning. And life gives us this opportunity to develop the skills we need if we want to take the journey of spirituality as a serious matter.

‘‘Be as simple as you can be you will be astonished to see how uncomplicated and happy your life can become’’ – PARAMHANSA YOGANANDA

Where there is light, there is wisdom. Knowledge comes from a lot of studies. A spiritual practitioner must be on the path where he or she will explore different ideas, understand different religions, discover their true nature throughout such studies.

Desires or what we call the emotional body, the emotional thoughts, are the ones that are the hardest to control. When you win this battle, when you have control of all this, the true journey then has begun.

Buddha practised awareness, Buddha went into the path of enlightenment, but if you follow his journey, he had to heal from a lot of his past, he had to overcome desires he had to let go of what did not serve him any more because he had one focus, he had one mission. He wanted to be enlightened. ‘‘Disciplined mind brings happiness’’. This is the discipline that a spiritual practitioner needs to achieve. He also mentioned once, ‘‘Conquer anger with non-anger, conquer badness with goodness, conquer meanness with generosity’’ – Gautama Buddha.

So you may start your journey now by controlling your emotions, taking control of your body, purifying your thoughts, and emotions, and doing your best to practice ahimsa (HARMLESSNESS), these are the first baby steps. Right thoughts, right speech, right action. This is the start of your inner healing journey toward spirituality. These are the baby steps we take to enlightenment on a spiritual path.

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