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21 Oct, 2021
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Spice Up Your bedroom

Spice Up Your Bedroom! – H&S Homes & Gardens

Spice Up Your Bedroom With One Of Our Top 5 Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas!

Your bedroom is your private space and the coziest room in the whole house, where you get to relax, unwind and recharge. An ideal bedroom should not only be comfortable but should also be functional as well as aesthetic and a room you would love to spend more time in. This is achievable by incorporating a sitting area that makes the most of your space. Think of it as a retreat where you can enjoy reading your favourite book or simply have some quiet ‘me time’. No matter the size of your room, be it big or small, there are so many creative ways of incorporating the perfect sitting area in your bedroom. If you want to get some sitting area ideas for your room, keep reading!


1. The Corner Chair For Comfort-

bedroom sitting area
Adding a simple cozy chair in the corner of your bedroom can create a comfy sitting space and this can be done regardless of the size of your room. It’s perfect to sit, relax and enjoy reading your favourite book, and if there is enough space you can even throw in a footstool so you can stretch your legs. This sitting space is casual and doesn’t take up a lot of space and can transform any boring bedroom to aesthetical.


2. The Couple’s Couch-

What’s better than a sitting area that accommodates you and your loved one? A loveseat under the windows for example or in an empty corner or against an empty wall of the bedroom is just the perfect way to unwind with your lover before you hit the bed. You both can enjoy reading, or watching a movie, or simply cuddle. For this particular sitting area, keep in mind, you do require an adequate amount of space to avoid overcrowding and this won’t work well with a small bedroom.


3. Luxurious Lounging-

Got a lot of extra space to spare? How about adding some upholstered armchairs or a chair and chaise lounge? This can be the perfect place to escape for a retreat as you lounge with your loved one and enjoy your favourite beverage whilst having a great chat with your lover. You can even throw in some side tables or poufs to make it look and feel amazing!


4. The Window Seats-

Spice Up Your Bedroom
A long narrow bench or a few seats on top of some storage cabinets can be simply placed under or next to the window to create a beautiful, functional sitting space. You can throw in some comfy decorative pillows and voila, you have the perfect window seat to relax and lounge!


5. The End-Of-The-Bed Sofa-

Spice Up Your Bedroom

A bench or footstool at the end of the bed is what most bedroom spaces have, but how about an end-of-the-bed sofa? This sitting space is sophisticated and allows you to use the space beautifully as well as separate the bed from the sitting area. Throw in a coffee table and you have a perfect sitting area to help spice up your bedroom.


6. The Bedroom Swing-

Spice up your bedroom
Love swings? How about a hanging hammock or a rattan hanging chair in your bedroom? This gives your room a unique look and feel, and rather than having a corner chair for example you can easily use a bedroom swing to relax and read while rocking!

Want to spice up your bedroom?

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