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18 Apr, 2024
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Sleep Well, Feel Better, Live Longer With Vitafoam Pillows

 Pillow Collection By Vitafoam

Choose from the finest collection of pillows! Vitafoam has the best variety of pillow range to pick from:

Normal Hollow Fibre Pillows

VitafoamFilled with hollow fibre, These pillows have sufficient warmth- retaining power and flexibility. They are of good quality, easy to maintain and reasonably priced. Non-Allergenic, 100% Polyester and washable. 

KES 1,000.00


Siliconised Hollow Fibre Pillows

VitafoamMade of siliconised hollow fibre, which prevents them from sticking together and thus do not form clumps by adhering together and flattening. This soft, flexible pillow will provide maximum comfort.

KES 1,500.00


Ball Fibre Pillows

VitafoamFilled with down-like light and fluffy polyester fibre clusters, this pillow has more loft and greater recovery, staying puffier for longer. This puffier, super soft pillow is best suited for people who sleep on their back, tummy or side.

KES 2,500.00


Micro Fibre Pillows

VitafoamMicro fibre is the very latest in fibre filling and is closest in feel to natural down as it is extremely light weight and is wonderfully soft. These wonderfully soft pillows have a plump finish that will allow you to sleep ache free.

KES 2,600.00


Memory Foam

VitafoamIt’s specially made of pure memory foam. Available in traditional shape and contour shape for extra neck support. Whether you sleep on your back, stomach or side, this is the pillow you need for optimum support and comfort. The contour shape is recommended for side and back sleepers.

KES 4,850.00



VitafoamMade from 100% all natural superior latex, this pillow will provide you with superior softness and cradle support. By conforming to your body’s curves, pressure points and the pain associated with incorrect sleeping positions are eliminated.

KES 4,850.00


Viscospring® Wonderpillow

VitafoamVisco-Spring Pillows are introduced for the first time as winning combination of two systems that have been successfully used for decades. so that there is no need to choose between a memory foam pillow and a spring pillow and the benefits of both can be enjoyed. The intrinsic resilience of its components allow this particular pillow to maintain its shape and comfort level much longer than any conventional pillow.

Individual Imprint │ Soft & Plump │ Ideal Spine Alignment │ Active Contour │ Controlled Microclimate │ Non Allergenic

KES 6,000.00



VitafoamIt follows the natural shape of your entire body. The horseshoe-shaped head section allows you to obtain comfortable upper body position and height.

KES 7,500.00



VitafoamThis is no ordinary pillow! This is a special waterbase design that is clinically shown to reduce morning neck pain intensity, increase pain relief and improve quality of sleep. It consists of a deep cushion of hypoallergenic fibre over the water layer for luxurious comfort; a thermal insulator that surrounds the water layer and an easy-to-fill water base. Simply fill the water base as directed, adjusting the amount of water to the degree of support that you prefer.

KES 10,000.00

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