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21 Jan, 2021
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Skipping & Its Benefits! H&S Magazine Kenya

Rope Skipping: Skip Your Way To Good Health!

Skipping a complete body workout, is a low cost, low maintenance, fun exercise which can be done by all age groups. The benefits of this exercise are many from burning calories & losing weight to increase in bone density and reducing the chances of osteoporosis. This is a preferred exercise over running as it puts less stress on the joints. You only need to skip for an hour in order to help you burn 1300 calories which makes it a perfect tool for weight loss. So are you ready to skip your way to good health? Keep reading to find out the benefits of this amazing exercise!

skippingWhy SKIP? Here Are The 7 Good Reasons As To Why Everyone Should Be Investing In The Rope:

1. Helps boost the mood thereby helps in reducing stress and anxiety.
2. Helps lose weight.
3. Improves cardiovascular fitness improves your heart, lungs & circulation reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
4. Helps improve joint mobility & strengthens your bones & improves bone density.
5. A good calorie burner, reducing body fat.
6. Tones muscles in the body both lower & upper body.
7. Helps improve balance, coordination & agility.


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