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14 Jun, 2024
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Signs You (Or Your Spouse) Are 'Quiet Quitting' Your Marriage

Signs You (Or Your Spouse) Are ‘Quiet Quitting’ Your Marriage – H&S Love Affair

How To Identify The Warning Signs Before It’s Too Late

Quiet Quitting
When people think of a marriage falling apart, they often imagine it happening in a big, dramatic way. But in reality, many marriages end quietly, with one or both partners slowly checking out emotionally and mentally. This is known as ‘quiet quitting,’ and it can be just as damaging to a marriage as a big blowout fight.

5 Warning Signs That You Or Your Spouse May Be Quietly Quitting The Marriage:

1. Decreased communication and emotional distance
2. Lack of interest in spending time together
3. Increased conflict or arguments that never get resolved
4. Secret keeping or withholding information from each other
5. Indifference to the relationship and lack of effort to improve it

If you or your spouse are exhibiting any of these warning signs, it’s important to address them and seek help before it’s too late. By acknowledging the problem and taking steps to improve your relationship, you can prevent ‘quiet quitting’ and strengthen your marriage for the long haul.

Quiet Quitting

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