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01 Jul, 2022
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Signs To Never Ignore

Signs To Never Ignore! – H&S Pets Galore

4 Signs To Never Ignore In Pets

If you have a pet & know your pet well & have a good relation with your fur child, your pet will give you signs or indicators when something is wrong. Even though pets can’t tell you, trust your instincts and don’t give a blind eye to these important signs that could be indicators of a potentially serious illness or disease. 

4 Signs That Can Be Overlooked-

1. Unusual, Abnormal OR Altered Behaviour- If your pet has been acting strangely or in absurd behaviour, something that is unexpected or different from the normal behaviour, for example, change in mood/temperament, loss of appetite, hyper/hypo/inactivity, peeing or pooping outside the litter box, sudden onset of seizures, choosing to be antisocial or distant like being in a different room, anything that seems odd should warrant urgent attention. This is a strong indicator that something isn’t quite right and it means you need to get your pet checked by a vet ASAP. Remember your pet can’t tell you they are in pain or discomfort but the change in behaviour can indicate so. A lot of medical issues such as cancer, arthritis, parasite infestations, heart disease or even injury could mimic a change in behaviour.

2. Excessive Drooling- A lot of dogs such as boxers drool normally but pets with excessive drooling is a sign that there’s something wrong. It could indicate dental issues such as periodontitis or tooth abscess or neurological issues. Excessive drooling could also be an indicator of heat stroke or something that has irritated the oral cavity such as burnt mouth, toxic plant etc. Whatever the cause excessive drooling should never be ignored.

3. Heavy Panting- Heavy panting or deep, laboured breathing shouldn’t be confused with normal panting. A pet with deep, laboured breathing is an indication that something is not right. This could mean that your pet may be in pain or discomfort, or your pet may be suffering from medical conditions such as pneumonia, lung tumour, heart failure, toxicity or heatstroke.

4. Malodor- Pets should never be malodorous, be it their oral cavity or body. A foul-smelling breath is usually a strong indicator of dental or medical issues such as abscesses, diabetes, renal failure. A bad smell from the ears could indicate an ear infection. A bad smelly body means skin infections or infestations or lesions. If your pet is passing foul-smelling gas then this means there could be a gastrointestinal issue. In short, bad odour or smells should always point to an underlying issue.

The above 4 signs are common signs a pet owner should never ignore, as they could be subtle indicators of serious medical issues. If your pet shows any of these signs it means you need to take them to the vet ASAP. Remember, waiting only means worsening of the underlying cause, and without prompt examination and treatment by a vet, you may lose your fur child!

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