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29 Sep, 2023
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Shadow Series Part 3

Shadow Series Part 3 – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Embracing Your Shadow Part 3

As children, we were always told to be afraid of the dark. That is the place where monsters and “bad things” (people, at times) reside, and they wait for us to step into the dark so that they can catch us!

In all honesty, no one is BORN afraid of the Dark. By stepping into the Darkness is where we actually find our strength.

People are afraid of visiting their darkness because as kids, we were warned dark spirits would come into our rooms at night. This ended up programming us with fear of the dark as children, and adults.

As adults, these “Spirits” take on the shapes and forms that have been programmed into our consciousness, and present themselves as “bad, shameful traits” that we must disown and never admit to having. We have been programmed to believe that the Shadow is something scary, and spooky, and creepy, and perilous and that we must NEVER let it out, or go towards it.

This is because the “matrix” wants us to be afraid of the dark, and afraid of our own power and magic, so that we will stick with the judgment and hate and anger and pain and eventually wither project this outside of us, or implode within our own selves with shame and guilt.

But your shadow beckons. Not to scare you and eat you up, but to seek love and compassion as it undoes the damage that caused it.

Only by understanding the cause of our pain and anger are we able to let go of it.

Do you feel jealous as an adult because of someone else’s winnings? Sit with your shadow and think when as a child did you first experience this feeling, and how were you taught to handle it? Were you rebuked and made to feel ashamed?

Sit with your Shadow and explain to it instead of coming from a space of lack and hence experiencing jealously, the memory of the event will now motivate you harder so that you too can enjoy the experience you were jealous about as a child.

See, it’s not that bad now, is it?

shadowAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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