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01 Jul, 2022
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sex in long-term relationship

Is Sex Important In A Long-Term Relationship? – H&S Love Affair

How Important Is Sex In A Long-Term Relationship & What Are The 5 Facts About Sex In Long-Term Relationships?

sex in long-term relationship
In short, if sex is important to both you and your partner, then it’s a no-brainer, that sex is important in your relationship. When it comes to sex, the most important thing is communication. Of course, research has shown that the more sex you have, the more likely you are to feel intimately, but satisfaction from ‘sex’ in your relationship is achievable if both you and your partner are honest and able to communicate. Sex allows you & your partner to not only experience intimacy but also vulnerability and helps you connect deeper. Having said that, it’s normal for sex in long-term relationships, to fluctuate & you have to accept this ebb and flow. Work, stress, having a baby, can all be the reasons behind the fluctuation, however, as a couple it is important to understand that the dynamics of your sex life can be different from when you initially started your young, budding relationship, where the levels of hormones were at their peak. When it comes to sex, at this stage it’s more about the quality than quantity. Having sex once or twice a week, is normal. Couples should be focusing, at this stage of their relationship, on building intimacy and comfort, & having honest and open conversations with each other. Talk to your partner about what turns you on and what doesn’t, what touch you prefer, what position you like, and all the other details of your sex life. Remember, compromise is something couples in long-term relationships should be open to. There may be libido issues, fears, lack of orgasm, or even non-negotiables, that were never discussed before, now is the time to make sure you and your partner can talk about everything openly. If communication is an issue, then a couple’s therapist can help break the ice between you and your partner.

5 Facts Of ‘Sex In Long-Term Relationships’ That Every Couple Must Know:

1. It Is Normal For Sex To Decrease – The surge of hormones in the start of a new relationship naturally wear off with time, and couples should not expect to have the same amount of sex as they did when their relationship was new. Having sex once or twice a week, or according to the couple’s preference, is completely normal. Remember, work, stress, having a baby, lack of sleep all can have a role in deterring one from wanting to have sex.

2. Scheduled Sex Can Be Just As Good As Spontaneous Sex – Scheduled sex doesn’t mean showing up naked when the time comes, this can involve some fun to build up the sexual desire such as sexting your partner or letting your partner know what you want to do to them. The anticipation will make the waiting, and the sex that much more amazing. Scheduled sex shows commitment to keep the relationship healthy & happy.

3. How Important Sex Is, Depends On The Couple – The frequency of sex and how important it is, depends on the couple. If a couple isn’t as interested in sex, then that’s okay, they don’t need sex to keep their relationship happy. What is important is that the couple can talk about what each one’s expectations are from their sex lives, and be ready & willing to come to compromise.

4. Low Sex Desire Can Be Indicative Of Either A Health Issue Or Relationship Issue – It’s not that one can’t have a happier relationship, without good sex, but research has shown that if you are happy with your partner, you are probably going to be happy with your sex life. So there could be an underlying relationship issue if one or both partners aren’t interested in sex at all. The other possibility could be an underlying health issue such as diabetes, cancer, or even mental health issues such as depression. It’s therefore important to communicate and check on each other, to pick any issue as soon as possible.

5. Sex In a Long-Term Relationship Can Be Hot & Sexy, Too – Other couples’ sex life shouldn’t define yours. Just because another couple doesn’t have sex as much as you do, doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your relationship. What’s normal for another couple doesn’t mean is normal for you. Your sex life can be as hot and sexy as you want it to be. What’s important is that sex should be a shared exploration and not some negotiation, for a couple to enjoy!

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