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11 Apr, 2024
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running & jogging

Running & Jogging & Their Benefits!

Benefits Of Running & Jogging: Examples Of Aerobic Exercise!

Running/jogging are both great examples of aerobic exercise. An Aerobic exercise commonly known as ‘cardio’ is any type of exercise that enhances the heart & circulatory function i.e. your heart rate and breathing will increase during the exercise. Some other examples of this exercise include swimming, brisk walking as well as cycling.

The 2 most popular forms of physical activity with a lot of health benefits are none other than running/jogging. The only difference between the 2 is the intensity i.e. running being faster using more kilojoules which for obvious reasons requires more work from the heart, lung & muscles compared to jogging, hence requiring a higher level of fitness. So one can start to jog regularly, building up their strength & fitness slowly, before they think of running. Below are the benefits for both!

running & jogging

Why Run Or Jog? 5 Major Benefits For Both Aerobic Exercises:

1. Boosts the mood and reduces stress and anxiety.
2. Helps maintain a good healthy weight.
3. Improves cardiovascular fitness improves your heart, lungs & circulation reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases.
4. Helps improve joint mobility & strengthens your bones as both are weight bearing exercises.
5. A good calorie burner, reducing body fat.