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22 Jun, 2024
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Rose Water

Rose Water- An Essential Home Ingredient In Beauty Care By Dipali Shah


As I had mentioned in one of my previous issues.. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE ROSE WATER IN THEIR HOUSE. Rose Water is one of the most natural toners you can use for your skin and it’s mild enough to use everyday and all day. It not only helps balance and tone OILY skin but also soothes and cools DRY and SENSITIVE skin. It cleanses and purifies NORMAL skin and it tones and rejuvenates MATURE skin.

So you have it right there.. Rose Water can help whatever your skin type may be!

Rose WaterBenefits Of Using Rose Water

Some Other Benefits:
It prevents inflammation of the skin from acne and/or eczema
It heals sunburnt skin
It helps heal cuts and wounds
It helps the balance of your skins PH levels.
It lightens marks and blemishes
It helps prevent lines and wrinkles
It prevents and cures dark circles and puffiness
It protects the skin from bacterial infections
It relieves headaches

Men- Can use it as a natural aftershave spritzer
Women- Can use it for settling the makeup


Rose water improves your mood!!! So, for sure we all need this Magical Water!!!

The Best Ways To Use Rose Water

 I feel these are the best ways to use Rose Water:

1. Pour it into a spray bottle:
Use it as a spritzer any time of the day OR
Best after a hot shower when all your pores are open (THIS IS MY FAVOURITE OPTION)
2. Soak a couple of cotton pads in rose water and wipe face and other areas you wish

Rose Water provides a beautiful healthy glow, clears the skin and makes you look flawless.
It has a faint but refreshing scent and can be used by both MEN AND WOMEN!!

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