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21 Jan, 2021
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relationship goals

Relationship Goals For 2021 – H&S Love Affair

What Are Your Relationship Goals This 2021?

relationship goals


Every successful couple will tell you how imperative it is for you & your partner to have relationship goals if you want your relationship to flourish and succeed. But what is the definition of a “relationship goal”? A relationship goal can be described as a lesson or an experience that is mutually shared with your partner. This goal needs to be idealistic, inspirational and above all attainable. It’s the formula for giving and receiving love in the relationship, in the best possible way. This shouldn’t be confused with the fairytale romantic image and needs to be more realistic. What better way to start this New Year than with some couple goals?

11 Goals Every Couple Should Work Towards This 2021:

1. Two Bodies, One Soul- We have all come across Aristotle’s famous saying “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” This should not be confused as a couple becoming a ‘Single Entity’. Being in a relationship doesn’t and shouldn’t require giving up one’s own pursuit of happiness, desires, interests. Remember you are two different individuals who share the same love & you should maintain our individual identities. Each partner should continue to live their own lives and respect one another’s choices. This is the number one secret behind a successful relationship.

2. Practice Your Vows- Remember when you took your vows and said: “for better, for worse” “in sickness & in health”? Those were not mere words that you uttered. Remember the vows you took and try to live by them because a relationship isn’t a bed of roses. There will be challenges and it’s how you accept and face those challenges that matter. “A strong relationship requires choosing to love each other, even in those moments when you struggle to like each other.”

3. Grow Together- Couples who grow together stay together! Growth is a positive process that is not only good for you as a couple but also for you individually. Trying new skill on your own can be exciting and challenging but when the same thing, for example, is done together as a couple it’s even a bigger challenge and double the fun. A couple who spent time jointly exploring new things together is happier as this helps strengthen the relationship as well as adds an element of freshness to the relationship.

4.Be YOU- Be yourself and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Love is all about being authentic which means being true to yourself and your partner. Your partner fell in love with all of you, and this means you are the best version of YOU. For a relationship to flourish you need to be comfortable with one another.

5. Put Each Other’s Feelings First- This may sound cliche, but when you put your partner’s feelings before yours, it shows you care about the nitty-gritty details. Caring and making sure your partner is happy by helping them reach their goals or helping them reach a decision in life is the best gift you can give your partner. When each partner practices this, the relationship has to be successful.

6. Practice Romance- It could be doing just the simple things you both love to do together such as watching a movie, or it could be going on an adventure together or simply surprising one another. Whatever you choose, be romantic. After all, a relationship is incomplete without romance.

7. Be A Good Listener- Hearing is different from listening. If you want to have a great relationship, you have to have good listening skills. Communication is key in a relationship and when your partner is saying something to you they’re giving signs and couples who neglect what is said, lose the message and in time lose the relationship.

8. Plan Your Finances Together- Couple goals include planning finances together. There should never be that’s mine and that’s yours in a relationship. Open a joint savings account together and plan on buying your first house or car together. Whatever you decide when it comes to finances, decide together!

9. Put Yourself In Your Partner’s Shoes- Every couple has a tiff now and then but couples who get through it, usually consider each other’s feelings. Place yourself in your partner’s shoes and ask yourself am I being fair? Would I like to be treated this way? When you put yourself in your partner’s shoes you will automatically practice fairness.

10. Laugh Together- Couples who laugh together last together! Life is never too serious and should never be that serious. Laugh with each other and at each other as this is the best medicine!

11. Be Best Friends- We have all heard successful couples say “he/she is my best friend”. After all, a best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. This should be every couple’s number one goal!








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