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24 Feb, 2021
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rekindle the romance this Valentine's day

Rekindle The Romance This Valentine’s Day – H&S Love Affair

Learn How To Rekindle The Romance This Valentine’s Day In Just 5 Steps!rekindle the romance this Valentine's day

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love! It’s the one day where couples all around the world go an extra mile to let their special one know how much they are loved. With the busy life and since it’s not a public holiday it can be tricky, however, there’s no excuse for not doing anything special on this day as it will be unforgivable! It’s not about doing fancy things such as taking your lover to a fine dining restaurant or a 5-star resort etc. It’s the little things that are valuable and should be of importance. The thought counts and the effort that was put in matters. We have a 5-step list of things you could try this Valentine’s Day to rekindle your romance.

1. Start The Day With A Sweet Hand Written Note Leave a note on the bed or on the fridge to let your special one know that you love them. You can even do a little ‘find the present’ game by leaving hints. Make it different, perhaps you could use your favourite love quotes and then a hint or a riddle to help your lover reach to that gift you bought for her or him. A red dress or a piece of lingerie for your woman, or your favourite scent for the man could be a gift you purchased making them wonder & fantasize about how the night may unfold.

2. Remind Them During The Day– Whilst working people normally forget to think about their special person. An exchange of a sweet text message or an audio message on Valentine’s Day can really up the mood for both! It’s a good way to let your special someone, whether it’s your spouse or your lover, know & remind them of the love you share.

3. Plan An Impromptu Surprise- Are you planning to prepare a nice meal at home for your loved one with an enchanting dessert? Or do you plan to meet them right after work at a cinema to watch a romantic movie together? Try something impromptu this Valentine’s Day! Remember it’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised.

4. Be Different- Rather than giving your lover a bouquet of roses, get her the rose plant instead. Valentine’s Day doesn’t always have to be about a rose stem or a bouquet, be different! After all, she will be able to enjoy the roses longer and the plant will be a reminder of the love!

5. End With A Bang- It’s Valentine’s Day & ‘lovemaking’ comes without say! You can decorate the room with rose petals, scented candles, a teddy bear on the pillow etc. to make it an extra special night!


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