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21 Jan, 2021
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Redefining Resolutions – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Setting Intentions For 2021: Redefining Resolutions

We’re at that time of the year where we’re thinking and planning what to do with the coming New Year.

The way we experienced 2020, has probably taught you that life doesn’t always go as planned. Is that going to stop you from planning for your future year? Well, it shouldn’t and here’s why.

Just like you, I usually start off my year with a list of Resolutions. A list of behavioural changes that I want to inculcate to improve myself in the coming year. My list usually looks like this:

  • Eat Better
  • Exercise Better
  • Sleep Better
  • Write More
  • Work Harder
  • Play Harder, etc

Anyone who knows me knows that I am serious about my Resolutions. I put out my goals, break them down into mini-goals, give them timelines, and journal about them, eventually checking them off.

But 2020 had me cucking most of my Resolutions in the Chuck Bucket. I just could not keep up with what was going on around me and the changes we had to adapt to, and so I often found myself in a constant mental battle with following my resolutions and maintaining So, ental balance throughout the chaos.

So, for 2021, I have decided that, instead of writing a long “to-do” of Resolutions, I am going to instead set Intentions.

Here’s the difference:

A Resolution is defined as “the action of solving.” Resolutions are made with the aim of solving “problems” – health, career, finances, relationships. At the beginning of every year, we take stock of what in our lives needs fixing and how to fix it.

An Intention is defined as “the determination to act in a certain way“. If we analyze this, this has nothing to do focusing on a problem that requires fixing. Instead, Intentions are meant to make you aware of your life. It changes the focus from doing to being.

This year, my intention is to live consciously. This means:

  • Resting if I am Tired
  • Moving If my body needs to move
  • Nourishing myself (Mind, Body and Soul)
  • Silencing my Inner Critic
  • Listening to my Inner Voice
  • Literally doing what brings me inner peace and joy

Living consciously also means engaging in self-care. We may not always be able to meet our needs, but we can always pay attention to the messages that our body sends us, and then making choices according to these feelings. Here are a few tips on how you can “Tune In” and live consciously:

SLOW DOWN – We are so engrossed with the hustle and bustle of our lives, that we forget to pay attention to ourselves. Sometimes, we hide behind our busyness to avoid becoming aware of issues that need our attention. Be conscious and aware when going about your daily activities.

QUIET TIME – Make it a point to go into nature at least once in a week. Turn off the noise, and look for some quiet. Listen for your heart beating or the sensation of your breath. Take stock of your emotions and what effect they are having on you.

MEDITATE – I start my day with at least 15 minutes of meditation. Of disconnecting with the outside world and Tuning Inwards. A few breathing exercises help quiet my mind and everything falls silent. This helps me remain calm and focused through my day. And sometimes, when I feel my day is very consuming, I take a few minutes out and meditate to regain my composure.

SELF COMPASSION – I am my worst and hardest critic. And I am sure, so are you. Constant criticism of self erodes your self-esteem. Instead of focusing on your short-comings, be kind and speak loving words to yourself. Being compassionate with yourself will teach you how to be compassionate towards others.

BEING MINDFUL – How often do we pay attention to what is going on around us? How often do we feel what is going? Living Mindfully is all about living in the moment. Of being connected to what is around us by using each one of our senses, allowing ourselves to truly live each moment deeply and intentionally.

As we finally get to pack away 2020 and put it to rest, what are you deciding for 2021? What kind of a year do you want it to be and what intentions are you setting for yourself in it?

For me, 2020 has been a year of immense growth and opportunities. I intend to take all my learnings and growth and continue to empower and transform lives just as I have in 2020. Thank you for your continued support this year and I look forward to seeing you on the Other Side!

Happy Holidays and remember to “Tune Inwards”!

Redefining ResolutionsAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach
Founder, Women who Hike – Africa Ltd

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