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Recap of Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018

Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018 – By H&S Magazine

Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018On the 8th of September the much awaited event of the year Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018 took place at the Cloud Hotel & Eesha Jobanputra the youngest contestant was crowned Miss India Kenya 2018. In this spectacular event, all the beautiful girls who took part, strutted down the runway wearing scintillating Jiya outfits & were cheered on by an amazing crowd that was present in huge numbers. The girls were judged by a fantastic panel of celebrity judges, which included prominent celebrities like Olive Gachara & Ajuma Nasanyana.

Arjun, the famous international singer & the showstopper of the event performed on stage and left the evening mesmerised, capturing not just the hearts of the participants, but of all those who were present. Arjun has sent a message for all the participants of Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018,”Congratulations to all the girls who took part. It takes a lot of courage to be involved in a pageant, and they all did a great job. It was great to see such a diverse range of talents on show, and to see women coming together to support each other.”

All in all the event was a phenomenal success and H&S Magazine is honoured to have been the digital media partners for Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018. A commendable job done by Aliza Rajan the owner of Eventique Ltd. on executing an outstanding show!

The event wouldn’t have been a success without the contribution of some of the most important people. H&S Magazine interviewed the people who were involved in breathing life into this show. 


Here’s what the gorgeous girls who took the crowns had to say:


Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018- Eesha Jobanputra

Eesha Jobanputra Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018Firstly Congratulations Eesha as you embark on your new journey as MIWK 2018. How does it feel to have won the title?
Firstly, it is such an honor to win this title. I feel overwhelmed with all kinds of emotions and I truly am at a loss for words for the way I feel. However, I am experiencing extreme levels of happiness and curiosity as to what my future holds.


With the title of MIWK 2018 comes a lot of responsibility. How do you intend to fulfil your responsibility as MIWK 2018? (You surely have some goals in mind please share them with our avid readers)
I came into MIWK 2018 with one goal and that was to create a body positive attitude for everyone. I wanted to change a certain stereotype that was always imposed on the young women all over the world. As Miss India Kenya 2018 I surely will carry on with creating a sense of body positivity. I would love for people to be more comfortable in their skin and for everyone to have a proud and confident relationship with themselves and have a healthy mental health space. With great power comes great responsibility and I intend to use this power for all the right reasons and making more people aware that you don’t have to fit to societies conformities in order to be an amazing and confident person.


You are the youngest winner so far as MIWK, how has this pageant helped you grow & what message would you like to share with the readers especially with girls of your age?
This experience has made me grow in many ways. When I attended the training sessions I felt so content because everyone treated me as an equal and not as a young child. It was honestly so refreshing to have people respect me for my abilities and not my age. I have learnt grace, poise and have enhanced my cooperation skills. One thing I’d like to share with the people my age is that, no matter how old you are you are capable of being whoever you want and doing whatever you want. The opportunities and possibilities are endless. Take every stride with pride and confidence.


1st Runners Up- Smera Bhatt

You have won MIWK 2018 1st runner’s up. What does it mean for you to have won as a 1st runner up and what are your future plans?
I’m humbled and blessed to be 1st runners up however, as I have always been inherently ambitious, in the future I strive to compete on a wider platform.


Describe your journey as a contestant and then as a 1st runner up for MIWK 2018? How was your relation with the other contestants? Have you made any friends for life?
Just like everything in life, the beginning is always the hardest but all the sweat and tears paid off when I was announced 1st runner up. My journey I promise you wasn’t an easy one – This I guess was so because my biggest competition was myself and it is always difficult convincing yourself that you can push to new levels and you can soar to new heights. Thankfully, my relation with other contestants was great and all of them were extremely warm and friendly. Indeed! I have friends for life thanks to MIWK 2018.


What is your message to all the girls who want to take part in next year’s MIWK 2019? What advise would you give to these girls?
Definitely do it! In life it’s not only about winning; It’s about the experience, the journey and the memories. MIWK provides a learning opportunity and space to grow into a better, stronger version of yourself. My advise would be: No matter how tough it gets, push forward, keep running the race.


2nd Runner’s Up- Vrushaly Vekaria

You have won MIWK 2018 2nd runner’s up. What does it mean for you to have won as a 2nd runner up and what are your future plans?
Winning as a 2nd runners up in Miss India Worldwide Kenya is truly an honour which means so much to me as it is my latest achievement in life. My plans for the future would to be able to help other girls overcome their fears and insecurities just like I did through this journey. I would love to make other girls feel comfortable with themselves and grow into better women.


Describe your journey as a contestant and then as a 2nd runner up for MIWK 2018? How was your relation with the other contestants? Have you made any friends for life?
My journey is this competition has been a life time experience which I wouldn’t change for anything else. I went there as a shy girl who didn’t have that much confidence but I came out as a brave women full of confidence and ready to own it. As a group we became more like sisters as we spent a lot of time together and created a bond. Today I can say I have 10 more girls who I’m lucky to call my friends and for sure they are my friends for life because I looked up to each one of them in different ways and they will forever be special to me and I have learnt something from all of them.


What is your message to all the girls who want to take part in next year’s MIWK 2019? What advise would you give to these girls?
My message to the girls next year would be to believe in themselves and not to give up no matter how hard it gets because in the end it is totally worth it. It is an experience of a lifetime and opportunities as such are very limited so they are lucky to be part of it and while they are it at, they make the most of it and learn to grow as person.



Of course we had to interview the organizer Aliza Rajan who put up a brilliant show and her main team member Bhargav Joshi who was also the choreographer for the event! Here’s what they had to say:


Eventique Ltd.- Aliza Rajan

Aliza Rajan Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018Firstly H&S Magazine would like to congratulate you on your achievement! You have done a splendid job with MIWK 2018. Tell us a little about your journey for this year’s MIWK? What did it take behind the scenes to make sure MIWK 2018 was a huge success?
Thank you so much! This has been an amazing journey. We bonded well with our contestants this year and we had an amazing team behind it all. Working together with interns, past contestants, winners, family and friends made our team stronger than ever. Everyone had different ideas that came together very well. However, no denying this took sweat and tears, heart and soul. What you saw on stage was a result of hard work from everyone. The contestants have undergone hours and hours of intense training. We often don’t realise the amount of energy and dedication it takes to compete in a pageant.


How does it feel now that MIWK 2018 is over? What message would you like to convey to all the girls who worked hard to make your show a success?
It’s bitter sweet! Happy that it went so well and stress levels are reduced but also a feeling of emptiness with no training sessions every evening and on weekends. We had lots of fun through the training and it’s always tough to get past that. As mentioned in my speech, I’d like all the girls to know that their journey in this industry has just begun and I’m so proud of every single contestant. This was never about winning, it was much more than that. They are all role models and I hope they continue to be the best they can be and they continue to inspire young women wherever their future may be.


You have been working hard to make the event a success year after year for the last 3 years. Do you think MIWK 2018 has been your best so far & what message would you relay to all those who are looking forward to MIWK 2019 (what should they be expecting for MIWK 2019)? 
I think it gets better every year! We learn lots from the previous year and we improve on those things. I promise for a bigger MIWK 2019 with additions to our existing team and lots of new and exciting concepts.


Choreographer- Bhargav Joshi

Bhargav Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018You have been choreographing for MIWK for 3 years in a row now, describe the feeling?
This event is what I look forward to every year. It is very heart-warming and surreal to see that the girls I have taught over the past weeks, are now going to be on such a big platform, being judged by the respected jury and eventually represent Kenya at a global level. To have made a difference in their lives is my biggest achievement and god-willing I shall continue to do so.


You were not just a choreographer but also a mentor to all the contestants who took part in MIWK 2018 & you obviously know the girls the best! What message do you have for all the contestants who took part & now that the journey for MIWK 2018 has ended, how do you feel?
It definitely leaves a void as we have been rehearsing for a whole month making it a routine and when it comes to an end, you miss everything about MIWK!
To the girls: Nothing can dim the light that shines from within, so go out there and keep shining as bright as the North star. Keep making me and everyone around you proud for who you are. I thank you all for accepting me as your mentor.


 You had the privilege to not just choreograph the girls but also a dance for Arjun. How does it feel?
For this, I would like to thank Aliza Rajan for trusting me in choreographing the dances for Arjun. She has believed in me to pull the choreography not only for Arjun but also for MIWK for 3 years straight. It always is a proud moment to have choreographed for a personality that many people love and admire. It was an honour to meet him and choreograph for him. One more feather added to my hat!



We asked questions to the winners in the various categories namely Miss Entrepreneur, Miss Talent, Miss Catwalk, Miss Social Media & Miss Photogenic and here’s what they replied:

Miss Entrepreneur- Dhruva Patel

Dhruva Patel Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018You are Miss Entrepreneur MIWK 2018, which ideally makes you beauty with brains. How does it feel?
My Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father have been spectacular entrepreneurs in their generation. I have always felt deeply blessed to be a part of their dynasty. However, today, after being awarded the title of Miss Entrepreneur, the joy surging through me stems from the pride I have delivered to them. The breath of my hard work is still lingering at my fingertips. My efforts do feel rewarded and not complacent. Moreover, I also feel the need to take up the responsibility to live up to this title beyond myself tomorrow, and in the near future.


You presented a smashing business plan during the competition that was well presented. Do you have any plans to execute that plan?
Thank you! Dhruva Patel’s brain is always in a constant state of thought process. On average, I think I have a new business idea every 15 minutes! What I presented to the MIWK 2018 Team could be a long term business plan. In the mean time I intend to focus on my blog and blow it grand!


What are your aspirations as Miss Entrepreneur in the business world and what is your advice to all the struggling young entrepreneurs out there?
One of my favorite aspirations would be to share skills on management and organisation, which are the two most essential traits of a successful entrepreneur, before learning the differences between risk and reward. Management and organisation skills are usually taken for granted by a lot of start up businesses, obliviating their importance instead of making them a daily mantra. A lot of young entrepreneurs think about how they can make a lot of money. But the better way is to think how they can make people’s lives a lot better. If they get this right, then things will be a lot better. My advice to young entrepreneurs would be to sell the problem you solve, not the product. Skills are cheap. Passion is priceless.


Miss Talent- Eesha Jobanputra

Eeasha Jobanputra Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018Eesha you didn’t just take away the crown but you also won Miss Talent for MIWK 2018. How do you intend to take your talent to the next level?
Music and singing is something I take very seriously and is something I intend to take up as a professional career. I cherish my voice a lot because I believe it is a gift I was given for a reason. Music has always been therapeutic for me and I want to change the world with my lyrics one song at a time.


You didn’t just sing at the talent night, but you sang on stage before being crowned as MIWK 2018 and then again on judge’s request for a third time! You obviously mesmerised the whole crowd with your song especially when you rapped- Are you planning to produce a video for the song you presented?
I am very determined to produce a video for the song I sang at the MIWK 2018 events. In fact I’ve already began working on a few things! Hopefully it’ll be ready for everyone to view very soon. Along with this video I will also be updating my musical career with my own compositions! I am very excited.


What message do you have to all the struggling young singers like yourself? How would you help them embrace their talent & what advice would you give them?
Always push through whatever obstacles come your way, keep pushing your way to get noticed and attract the right kind of attention. Do whatever it takes to get to the heights you would like to achieve!


Miss Catwalk- Nisha Ghedia

Nisha Gedhia Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018You won Miss Catwalk for MIWK 2018- Congratulations! How does it feel?
Firstly I feel honoured to be part of such a prestigious platform and winning Miss Catwalk 2018 was the cherry on top of the icing. It felt amazing strutting infront of such an amazing panel and audience and hey the long legs finally worked!! Not only was it an honor getting Miss Catwalk 2018 but making it into top 5 was a really great achievement.


A lot of young girls want to enter the world of modelling, most girls being underprivileged with little or no education or connections within the modelling world. It is thus unfortunate for these young girls to make it into the modelling world. What would be your advice to these girls with dreams and also how would you help overcome this issue, so that these underprivileged girls can step into the modelling world without having their dreams crushed?
My idol Oprah once said, “The Biggest Adventure you can take is to live the life your dreams”. This is the mantra I practice and preach by. My advice to all the girls out there would be to solely focus on improving yourself and others around you. Talent gets you far, but hard is work what pushes you over the line.Think out of the box and be creative in the process.


What are your future plans within the modelling world in Kenya? Do you intend to become an international model for brands overseas or do you just want to work within Kenya?
My goal is to get signed in by one of the most reputed agencies in Kenya and work for projects to help me build as a brand and help the society in the future. Yes I do not want to limit my self within borders as I would love to explore and find myself and learn from the international modeling world and become an international model so i can represent my country Kenya at a global level.


Miss Social Media- Sanjana Deshpande

Sanjana Deshpande Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018You were awarded the Miss Social Media title for MIWK 2018. How does it feel?
It was pretty surprising, people do know me through social media but I never expected to win the title. However, having come up in the internet world through my YouTube videos and my achievements in Fashion and Chess, I feel proud of myself to have won something that represents me as an individual.


Having a huge presence and a fan follow on social media, how do you intend to use social media for the benefit of others?
I would love to use my fan following to spread awareness on:
Beauty – Create and upload videos regarding makeup and skin care.
Bullying – I was a victim of bully and I would love to help other girls and boys overcome such situations.
Art – Showcase my artistic creations and teach others.
Fashion – Advertise and sell my designs.
Chess – Aim to become a WGM ( Women’s Grand Master) and educate kids on how to play chess.
Animal Care – I love animals, I believe that all living thing have the right to live. My dream is to open an animal shelter with my best friend. Through my fan following, I would love to rescue and nurture as many animals as I possibly can.
I basically want to share my knowledge with the world.


Social media has it’s pros and cons. Tell us about how young, beautiful women like yourself can use social media without encountering the issues faced with social media such as stalking on facebook etc.? What is your advice to the young women on social media?
It’s true, with all the fan following, you do have some followers who are either “haters” or “stalkers”. They will do anything to put you down, but it is important to hold your ground and continue doing what you love and what makes you happy. When it comes to posting pictures or videos, you must always keep in mind what kind of audience are looking at your feed. I believe you should never overdo anything, keeping it simple always wins the deal! One advice I would like to give all the young and beautiful girls out there is – “Before you post anything on the internet, keep in mind what your parents will think and feel about it. That is the only way you will ever succeed.”


Miss Photogenic- Vrushaly Vekaria

Vrushaly Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018You didn’t just win a 2nd Runner’s up position but you also won as Miss Photogenic for MIWK 2018. How does it feel?
Holding the title of Miss Photogenic for MIWK 2018 is a blessing. I am very passionate about modelling thus this title makes me feel grateful as it opens doors for me in my modelling career. This is a title I had been aiming to the most and to finally have gotten it is really rewarding and it personally makes me so happy.


Do you intend to take up modelling as a serious profession or do you have other goals?
Yes I do intend to take modelling seriously even though I have never done it before, it has always been my dream to do so and now it can finally come true. I do have other goals in life like to be a successful hotel manager but I am passionate about modelling and would love to build a career on it.


To all those girls who lack confidence but want to make it into the modelling world what would be your advice to them?
All I can say to all those girls the lack confidence would be that even the impossible is possible, only if you believe in yourself. You also must love yourself and accept your flaws as that will get you far. Lastly, always remember there’s only one you and no one can be you better than yourself so hold your head up high and be confident and you’ll be just fine.



Here is what the brilliant judges had to say:

Ajuma Nasanyana

Ajuma Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018How was your experience as a judge at the MIWK 2018? What are your thoughts about this pageant?
I had a fantastic experience, I was really entertained by the tremendous talent of the contestants. I must say it was a well executed event.


What is your advise to all the beautiful girls who participated and to the winner of MIWK 2018?
Stay true to your self and never loose your self to the industry. Be humble and kind at every step of your journey and you will never go wrong.

Javed Kana

Javed Kana Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018How was your experience as a judge at the MIWK 2018? What are your thoughts about this pageant?
The Miss India World Kenya is an amazing platform to showcase the immense talent, beauty and confidence of our girls. It is a pageant that celebrates culture and heritage whilst representing Kenya, through the winner, on a global dais. As a judge at MIWK 2018, it was a tough task to select one winner as all the participants had what it takes to be global ambassadors for Kenya. I had the honour of being among an esteemed panel of co-judges, which was a memorable experience. I hope Eventique Ltd’s Aliza Rajan continues hosting this annual pageant giving a much-needed exposure to many beautiful and talented girls in our society.


What is your advise to all the beautiful girls who participated and to the winner of MIWK 2018?
To the winner – Eesha Jobanputra, winning the MIWK 2018 is just half the battle won. She has a bigger task of putting Kenya on the fashion world, which I strongly feel she will achieve through her confidence. To all the other participants, I would say the experience of MIWK 2018 should be perceived as a life-changing one since it is through this pageant they have acquired invaluable grooming lessons. These will stay with them forever, so cherish the experience and celebrate the participation!


Shaheed Ali Khan

Shaheed Ali Khan SAK Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018How was your experience as a judge at the MIWK 2018? What are your thoughts about this pageant?
Loved the experience, it was exciting judging a pageant of this calibre. It was a tough one and a very close call and the winner emerged from overall criteria. In regards to the event in general aliza and her team did a brilliant job and raised the bar yet again. Event was simply AREH WAH!


What is your advise to all the beautiful girls who participated and to the winner of MIWK 2018?
To the girls keep it going. Winning and losing is all part of it, but participation was key and this makes them all winners. They all learnt from this experience and have not left empty handed, pursue your passion and sky is the limit. To the winner Eesha this was just step one of your amazing journey. You have made history and are a game changer, make Kenya proud!


Sonal Maherali

Sonal Maherali Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018How was your experience as a judge at the MIWK 2018? What are your thoughts about this pageant?
I was honoured to be chosen among other judges for the Final of MIWK 2018.I think its a beautiful way to empower our young ladies and inspire confidence by taking part in such a International platform.


What is your advise to all the beautiful girls who participated and to the winner of MIWK 2018?
My advise to all those who participated is to keep up their self believe and not be disheartened. They are all winners in their own beautiful way. They will be many opportunities for success in the future.
To the winner Miss. Eesha Jobanputra, I’d like to commend her firstly for this marvellous achievement and id like her to use this title to help the community and mentor young girls.



And… finally the event wouldn’t have been entertaining without the hosts. Here’s what one of the emcees had to say:


Emcee- Angela Wambui

Anjela Wambui Muiruri Miss India Worldwide Kenya 2018How does it feel to having hosted the most awaited event of the year MIWK 2018?
This is my second time hosting Miss India Worldwide Kenya alongside my fabulous co-host Darling Amin, it truly is an honor to be apart of an organization that grooms our young women to be leaders and ambassadors in our community locally and on a global stage. It’s truly fulling to watch the contestants grow into their presence, poise and confidence leading up to the grand finale.


How was it working together bringing a fusion of Kenyan & Asian flavours into the event?
I think it’s a brilliant way to bridge the cultural gap with a mix Kenyan and Asian flare, it’s out of the ordinary. MIWK also represents the dual cultural experiences of our contestants and community at large. On the global stage our queen will fly two flags high, Kenya & India!


Kudos to both of you for thoroughly entertaining the crowd! Who wrote the script and tell us a little about your journey, the practices and the sweat you both put in to make this show a success?
The beauty of having a co-host is when your energies mesh well. Working along side Darling Amin our chemistry is natural and we feed off each others energy. Darling is the spicy one, I’m the mild so we make the perfect combination! The first show we hosted together was MIWK 2017 and we had such a great experience. We think of ideas on the spot, follow the outline of events given by the organizer, but the major key is going with the flow, adapting to the audience and always remember to have fun!


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