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30 May, 2024
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Rahul Bhavan’s Book ‘Romantic Thoughts’ Is Now On SALE!!

Get Your Copy Of Rahul Bhavan’s Book – Romantic Thoughts For KES 1000/ Only

Rahul Bhavan’s Book Romantic Thoughts is now on sale KES 1200 1000 today while stock lasts!! There are only 13 copies remaining so hurry & buy now!!

The book is also available worldwide on Kindle. If you haven’t as yet downloaded Rahul’s book on Kindle, make sure you do! The eBook is going for only USD 9.99!!




Purchase a digital copy of ‘Romantic Thoughts’ on Kindle now! Visit any Amazon website worldwide & buy your digital copy for USD 9.99 only!
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Romantic Thoughts – A book that will touch your heart. It has 80 love sayings & features 20 pics of the most beautiful models from Kenya and Tanzania! The book is proudly sponsored by CSI BROKERS LTD, BIG SEASONS AFRICA LTD, KRIAN & SHENU DESIGNS(COVER PAGE) & is supported by Hassan Jiwani and Shazia K. This book is published by KENYA WRITERS GUILDS & H&S Reliance Group Ltd (online publishers).
As Rahul states ‘Love is the most beautiful thing in the world!’

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