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14 Aug, 2022
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colour trends of 2022

Popular Colour Trends Of 2022 – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Popular Colour Trends Of 2022 To Look Out For!

Undeniably, the last 2 years have been nothing short of crazy! Hence designers have carefully opted for colour options that will brighten our homes and moods. So let’s dive in and check out the top 4 colour trends including the new colour of the year 2022!

1. Pale Green –
colour trends of 2022

The grey-green colour has been dubbed as one of the top colours of 2022. It is sophisticated, soft and subtle which can go well on the walls of any room and can easily be contrasted with shades of coffee brown, black or tan.


2. Vintage Mustard Yellow –

This shade of yellow is bright & bold, yet not overpowering which makes it the perfect colour for any large room. It will brighten up the room and can also be used in spaces where natural light is limited. This colour should be tried in your living room space for a timeless, yet understated look.


3. Bold Red –
colour trends of 2022

This shade is rich & warm and would go so well with warm woodworks black and gold. So if you need a little bit of glamour in your space, how about incorporating red?


4. Very Peri Or Periwinkle Blue Hue –colour trends of 2022

Last but not the least, Very Peri 2022’s official colour a warm blue hue with a violet red undertone is the colour to lookout for! This colour was created specifically to mark our transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic isolation, symbolizing hope and creativity in any space. So, get ready to see some unexpected colour combinations with this new colour take over the world of interiors.

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