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02 Feb, 2023
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Picking The Right Pet!

Picking The Right Pet – Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet!

right pet

Pets are amazing to have but they come with lots of responsibility and require an adequate amount of time, love and care. Every person who is obsessed with adopting a furchild needs to consider a few things before taking on the new role of purrenting. Some of the things to consider:

Am I ALLOWED to keep a pet in the apartment or house I live in? As simple as this question is a lot of people forget to check the rules of the place they are living in. If a pet isn’t allowed there is definitely no point in considering to have one, until you move into a place that allows you to keep a pet.

Can I afford to keep a pet! This question is the most important one. Many people think they will have things figured out once they get a pet. However, little do they realise that pets are high maintenance because the costs include not just their food/diet, litter etc, but also veterinary care which can be extremely costly. Apart from the regular visits to the vet you may be faced with some other unexpected expenses such as surgery etc. In Kenya having pet insurance isn’t easy and for this reason, one should always factor in a good amount spend not just monthly on your pet but also factor in the unexpected hidden costs.

Does my furchild require regular exercise? Dogs specifically need exercise as a part of their routine to remain healthy. This means time is needed regularly so if you have a busy schedule, you may want to reconsider having a furchild. With cats, even though their idea of exercise may not include daily walks, they may need to run around and need good amount of space to stay active as well as healthy. It’s also worthwhile to consider getting them a scratch post especially if your cat is an indoor cat as cats are used to climbing the tree and this also helps sharpen & strengthen their claws.

Does my pet need extra care? Regular nail trimmings to avoid ingrown, regular grooming etc are all part of the package deal. If you want a dog you need to understand that they require regular baths and cleaning. If you want a fluffy cat, even though regular bathing is not needed, regular brushing or combing is needed in long-haired pets to make sure they don’t get knots and their coat isn’t dull.

What is the diet of my pet? Cats and dogs are carnivores and its important to note unlike bunnies to rely on their veggies these pets are meat eaters and need their meat regularly. You need to know what is a well-balanced diet for your pet and avoid things that can be toxic to their health.

Do I prefer a kitten/puppy or do I want a senior cat/dog? Although babies look cute they require a lot more care than for instance an adult pet. With senior pets, you need to be ready mentally about the fact that with age comes illness and issues. From feeding times to litter training and so much more. Before getting a pet know what you are signing up for!

Am I ready to take on responsibility? Even after having all the answers, it’s not enough! You still need to be mentally prepared and willing to adopt a pet and take on responsibility. If you think you can try this and if it works, well and good, and if not, you will think about it, then note: adopting a pet shouldn’t even be on your mind! This shouldn’t be considered as some ‘trial and error’. Pets have feelings and when you take them under your wings, they trust you fully and expect you as their purrent to take care of their needs. If you can’t do that then purring isn’t for you!

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Choosing The Right Pet

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