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16 Apr, 2021
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Pet-Proofing! – H&S Pets Galore

Pet-Proofing Your Home


Most pet owners will go the extra mile to ensure their furbaby is happy and healthy. When planning on adopting a furbaby any pet owner will tell you that the first thing you need to do is pet-proof your home and prepare it, to accommodate your furbaby.

1. Pet-Proof Your Furniture- You can either invest in pet-friendly furniture or if you already have expensive furniture it’s best you invest in some good quality sofa covers, for example, to keep them safe.

2. Say Goodbye To Your Carpets- Carpets can easily get dirty and pets no matter how well trained they may be they can accidentally soil a carpet. It’s best to stick with tiles as you can easily clean the floors.

3. Pet-Proof Your Windows- This one is a must as it keeps your pet safe. There have been so many incidents where a cat, for example, has fallen off the window and hurt itself or has escaped. If you need to add grills with screens do it! Your pet needs to be safe and this is the best way to ensure their safety.

4. Keep Your Trash Away- Pets have a tendency to dig into the trash. To make sure this doesn’t happen it’s best to invest in bins with lids and to avoid it from being toppled over keep it against a wall or even better keep it in a latched cabinet where the pet can’t access the trash can at all.

5. Keep Medicines & Chemicals Away- Store those medications and chemicals as far away as possible from your pet. After all, you don’t want your pet to get accidental poisoning.

6. Hide Your Glass & Other Breakable Objects- Pets can accidentally or playfully drop things. If you don’t want your glassware to be broken & your pet to be injured, it’s best you keep it away.


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