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26 May, 2024
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Naveah Capital Insurance Turns 1- Recap By H&S Magazine Kenya

Naveah Capital Insurance Turns 1- Recap By H&S Magazine Kenya

Naveah Capital Insurance Agency

Recap Of Naveah Capital Insurance Agency’s 1st Birthday

Naveah Capital Insurance Agency was established in January 2018 when two ladies Farzana Sumra and Lucy Njine came together and decided to do what they love and know best. Farzana has been in the Financial services sector for over 15 years while Lucy has thirty years of experience in the same sector.

Naveah’s vision is to become the leading champion of wealth preservation in Africa through provision of Risk Management and Finance Planning services. We are passionate about Wealth Creation and we appreciate the hard work and dedication that Africans put into their occupations. The missing link is that a majority of them are not well informed when it comes to risk perception and mitigation.

This is the gap that Naveah seeks to bridge by offering timely and relevant solutions and advise to our clients to ensure that their hard work is not swept off by misfortunes that are so part and parcel of life. We offer free risk audits and make mitigation recommendations that are suitable to each client’s level of operations without incurring unnecessary costs. We have gone completely out of the traditional methods of selling insurance and financial services to innovating and packaging need driven products for specific consumer segments, backed by our selected Industry players and partners.

Since we set up in January 2018, we have grown steadily through the support of our clients who believed in us when we began and continue to show confidence in our services. On the evening of February 6 th 2019, we celebrated our first year in operation in a thanksgiving dinner that was well attended by our clients and friends. We are trusting God for great milestones in the coming years as we live our mission of “helping individuals and organizations identify, anticipate and plan for risks that threaten their ability to thrive.”