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16 Aug, 2022
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my husband yells at me

My Husband YELLS At Me!- H&S Love Affair

How To Prevent Your Husband From Yelling At You!

My Husband YELLS At Me
Yelling is extremely disrespectful and is something that shouldn’t ever be acceptable, no matter what. Also, yelling back is an unacceptable solution, as it may just worsen the situation, remember, two wrongs don’t make a right. There are better ways to deal with an irritable husband who yells, for this we need to dig deep and understand why, before we can prevent this from happening!

3 Valid Reasons That Could Cause A Husband To Lose His Temper:

1. Mental Changes- An example is stress or lack of sleep, that can alter the frame of mind, emotions can get out of control and anger bursts are possible.

2. Chemical Changes- Chemical changes such as change in testosterone levels, can cause a man to lose his temper.

3. Societal Pressures Leading To Low Self-worth/Low Self-esteem- A man has a certain image to maintain in society, such as he must take care and provide for his family. When these demands are not met, a man can lose his confidence, and feel pressurized, resulting in low self-esteem, all of which can leave him irritable and helpless, resulting in yelling.

Here Are 5 Steps That Can Stop Your Husband From Yelling At You:

1. Stay Calm During The Storm- If your husband is yelling at you, stay calm, don’t yell back. Staying calm doesn’t mean you accept the situation, but it definitely helps by keep things under control.

2. Calm Your Husband- It can be embarrassing if your husband is yelling at you in public, and he may just not realize what he’s done, you need to let him know that.

3. Try To Find Out What & Why- What do you believe triggered this? Why is he suddenly irritated and yelling? Is it a valid reason, or is he always yelling? Find the root cause, there’s got to be something that caused him to get irritated and yell & most of the time there’s a valid and solvable reason behind this unacceptable behaviour!

4. Don’t Give In & Learn To Draw The Line- If he is blaming you whilst he is yelling, don’t agree and give in to whatever he says, this just means it’s okay for him to yell at you. If this is his normal thing to do, you need to let him know enough is enough, and you won’t tolerate his yelling all the time!

5. Have The Talk- Once he has calmed down, have the talk with him, and let him know what’s okay and what’s not okay!




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