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26 May, 2024
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Mother's Day

Celebrate Mother’s Day 2018 With French Connection

Mother's Day

French Connection Celebrates Mother’s Day

Come Visit Us At Junction Mall & Don’t Miss Out On Our Mother’s Day Offer!

In honour of all the mothers out there, French Connection is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special offer- Buy 1 & get 10% off or buy 2 and get 20% off! Come with your mother & buy her something special from our collection, reminding her how loved & appreciated she is!

Since it’s establishment in 1972, French Connection has developed a brand identity, which is sexy, stylish and has attitude. From a young Kate Moss in the 90’s to campaigns featuring the faces or work of Lennox Lewis, Anthony Joshua and Harley Weir, French Connection continues to align itself with emerging talent ahead of the wider fashion world.

Our customers appreciate that the brand is at the leading edge of high street fashion and offers quality and style in its products. Our exclusive way of working places the brand at the pinnacle of premium high street fashion, choosing to operate like a high fashion house in order to achieve the best results, every season.

It remains our prime goal to create distinctiveness in a crowded marketplace through focus on design. The brand’s strength lies in balancing new, exciting ideas with consistent quality and affordability and in a world of “fast fashion” we are proud of our commitment to the creative process


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Mother's DayMother's Day 


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