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06 Dec, 2021
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Mirror- Every Home Needs A Good Reflection – H&S Homes & Gardens

Decorate Your Home With A Mirror – It’s Time To Reflect!

For years mirrors have been used by interior designers to beautify & create a stunning illusion in any room or corner of your home, be it the bathroom, hall, entryway or bedroom. Mirrors come in various forms and sizes & when placed correctly can make any place look perfect! So are you looking for some beautiful mirror decorating ideas to make your home stand out? We have it all in this article from ornate to oversized mirrors to help accentuate & optimize the gorgeous features of your space thus adding glamour to your home! So keep reading this article to find out the chic ways of how to create an optical enlargement of your space & add light & glamour to your room!


1. Black On White-

mirrorGot a plain boring white wall & want to break the monotony? Simply add a mirror with a black rim to add some contrast to your white!


2. Mirror- The Perfect Architectural Tool For Your Fireplace-

Who thought placing a mirror above a fireplace would look spectacular? A mirror placed above your fireplace can not only make the room appear larger & well lit but also makes such a boring place stand out!


3. Reflect Your Beautiful Light Fixture-

mirrorHang a mirror on your wall opposite a beautiful chandelier or light fixture to reflect it!


4. Wall-To-Wall Bathroom Mirrors-

Want to make your bathroom look even bigger & luxurious? Install wall-to-wall mirrors over your vanity to get that quintessential luxurious bathroom!


5. Mirrors On Wallpaper –

Hang antique mirrors on your wall to add some depth to the wallpaper!


6. Ornate Mirrors-

Hang an ornate mirror in your living room to command attention!



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