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19 Jun, 2021
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maximize your bedroom space

Maximize Your Bedroom Space – H&S Homes & Gardens

4 Tips To Maximize Your Bedroom Space

Your bedroom may be smaller in size but it doesn’t have to appear or feel small! Employ these simple interior design tricks below and make your bedroom feel more spacious than it is! All you need is a little bit of creativity and a few tricks up your sleeve to make your bedroom appear larger!


1. Pick The Correct Bed-

Maximize Your Bedroom Space
Did you know that if you can look below pieces of your bedroom furniture then this trick can help make your bedroom appear larger? Opt for beds with tapered legs and small bedside tables and voila your room will appear larger!

2. Go For Small Intricate Designs-

If you want your bedroom to appear spacious opt for finer design prints when picking your wallpaper of fabrics. Bold designs visually fill up space and should be avoided.

3. Opt For A Light & Airy Colour Scheme-

Soft, light colours are the best way to make the room appear larger, hence always stick to whites or delicate pastel shades. It’s no secret that white for instance reflects light and this has been used as a trick to make the room appear visually larger than it is.

4. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall-


Maximize Your Bedroom Space
A mirror can easily transform any space. If placed strategically it can reflect beautifully; a very old yet useful trick that is used to help make a room appear larger.





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