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Vitafoam Mattresses

Mattresses For Your Body, Get A Good Night Sleep Only With Vitafoam

Vitafoam Mattresses

Vitafoam Mattresses:

Choose The Right Mattress For Your Body!

With Vitafoam mattresses you’re in for the most relaxing sleep. When you wake every morning it will feel like you’ve already had your daily shot of espresso, full of energy.

Vitafoam lifts, relaxes & relieves.





FOAM MATTRESSESIt’s made of premium quality, High Density foam to relieve the pressure points for a great night sleep. The product has been researched and tested to take heavy weight and still maintain its density for over 7 years.

From KES 10,870.00–KES 19,700.00

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ORTHOPEDIC MattressesIt offers Ortho support that is ideal for people who frequently suffer back and neck pains, especially if this pain is worse in the morning. This mattress has special pressure-relieving properties which are able to provide extra support to those body parts which require it the most. This support ensures that you maintain the right posture while sleeping and reduces the pain.

From KES 11,730.00KES 38,000.00

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Latex Mattresses

Latex MattressesVitafoam’s Latex Mattress is made from 100% all natural superior latex. This mattress will provide you with superior softness and cradle support. By conforming to your body’s curves, pressure points, the pain associated with incorrect sleeping positions is eliminated. The mattress also minimizes movement from your partner ensuring you don’t lose another night’s sleep on the wrong mattress.

The popularity of our Latex Mattress is a result of its amazing combination of comfort and durability. We have used the ability of firmness levels and elasticity of Latex which can be layered to create the perfect combination of body support, weight distribution and relief. There is no “greener” mattress than our Latex Mattress. It is naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, mould and mildew resistant and repels dust mites. This makes it a very effective choice for those that have chemical sensitivities or other allergy concerns.

So for those that just haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep or have unrelieved pain issues, Vitafoam’s Latex Mattress is a top of the line alternative that has a different feel and offers unparalleled comfort and support.

From KES 35,000.00KES 70,000.00

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Bonnel Spring HD Mattresses

Bonnel Spring HD MattressesIt has springs running head to toe ensuring your body weight is evenly distributed over the whole mattress. Covered with a heavy duty foam on top of springs. It comes with scented covers with flavors such as Lavender and Mint Fresh that keeps you relaxed and attracts a good night’s sleep.

From KES 13,000.00KES 25,000.00

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Bonnel Spring (Memory) Mattresses

Bonnel Spring (Memory) MattressesIt’s yet another option to sleep on a spring mattress that has a soft feel. The springs run head to toe to evenly distribute your body weight. It has a memory foam that sits on the springs. The memory foam promotes a springy feel as well as contours to your body shape.

From KES 20,000.00KES 30,000.00

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Bonnel Spring (Orthopedic) Mattresses

Bonnel Spring (Orthopedic) MattressesIt makes orthopedic more friendly even for people with no body aches. The spring decreases the firmness, a very noticeable difference from Orthopedic (All foam). It comprises of a Recon foam which sits on springs to provide extra support.

From KES 18,000.00KES 35,000.00

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Viscoelastic Memory Foam was first developed by NASA as a seating material for astronauts to reduce the impact of the g-forces at the time of takeoff and cushion them during their long journeys into space and back again.

Vitafoam has used this innovation to create a foam mattress with a series of layer combinations to mould and support the weight of each individual body like no other mattress out there. It is also hypoallergenic offering protection against dust mites and bacteria.

Unlike regular mattresses, Memory Foam deflects motion. If one partner moves on the bed, the movement is not transferred to the other partner. What makes our Memory Foam even more special is that it reacts to your body temperature, dramatically working to minimize pressure points that can interrupt your night’s rest.

Memory Bonded (Semi Orthopedic) Mattresses

MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSESThe Memory mattress is unique as it is able to recognize your presence by softening while in contact with your body warmth. Once the foam softens, it molds to your body contours. Since it’s temperature sensitive, it will soften when temperatures are high and become harder when it’s cold. The Recon foam makes this mattress even more supportive and durable.

From KES 20,000.00KES 50,000.00

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Our most luxurious spring mattress range.

Made from individual springs housed in separate fabric pockets which work independently hence minimizing movement on the mattress for comfortable sleep.

Our pocket spring mattresses ensure your body weight is evenly distributed over the whole mattress allowing for better circulation and prevents muscle aches and cramps.

Foam encased technology – Heavy Duty Foam is used to reinforce the edges to provide maximum sleeping surface from edge to edge without collapsing.

Pocket Spring Mattresses

POCKET SPRING MATTRESSESThis mattress is made of springs that work independently hence minimizing movement on the mattress. This 5 zone pocket spring system has a greater concentration of springs where body is more heavier providing extra support for your body. It provides a luxurious feel and body weight is evenly distributed regardless of differences in weight.

From KES 15,000.00KES 50,000.00

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High Resilient Flexible Polyurethane Foam with Viscoelastic Memory Foam Layer. The revolutionary Mahon mattress is made from uniquely layered high resilient foam cores. Its open cell structure and fully ventilated design allows your mattress to breathe so you will sleep cooler. It is sectioned into 7 zones for optimal support and perfect pressure release. Weight is evenly distributed by conforming to your body’s unique shape and spreads the weight over the entire surface of the mattress.

The top core (Blue) is made from Viscoool ® Memory foam, the latest generation of high quality viscoelastic polyurethane foam that adapts and thermo regulates the body absorbing excessive warmth from the body. It will mould itself to the exact shape of your body and cradles it in order to relieve pressure and ensure deep restful sleep.

The inner core (Maroon) is moulded and features unique ergonomically designed extrusions. It is also in waves to help adjust to your body shape.

The bottom core (Purple) has a firmness level of 4.00kPa providing overall support to the Mahon Mattress.

Mahon Mattresses

MAHON MATTRESSESSpecially made with Viscoool memory foam to absorb excessive body warmth. The mattress in sectioned into 7 zones for optimal support and perfect pressure release. The open cell structure allows the matress to breathe and so you sleep cooler. The foam distributes your body evenly by conforming to your unique body shape.

From KES 35,000.00KES 70,000.00

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Made from uniquely layered High Resilient Foam Cores, the Brugge mattress has open cell light structures that guarantee perfect airflow, evaporation of any dampness and elasticity.

It is durable and can take heavy use whilst still maintaining its shape over a long period of time.

It has a springy feel with a fast return action.

Custom grooves and hole structures in the middle section of the mattress allow for ventilation and provide different levels of superior body contour support for the shoulder, lumbar and hip regions.

BRUGGE MATTRESSESIt’s durable, takes heavy use and still maintains its shape over a long period of time. The mattress has custom grooves and holes structures that allow ventilation and provide different levels of superior body contour support for your shoulder, lumbar and hip regions.

From KES 32,000.00KES 58,000.00

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Ergonomically designed high resilient mattress core providing perfect ventilation and optimum support for each part of your body.

Different vertical and horizontal indentations and grooves enable superior ventilation and heat/dampness control.

This durable mattress has an open cell light structure for optimal air flow in the mattress and elasticity.

It is specially designed for use on profile beds as the mattress contours to the shape of the bed depending on the adjustments made for your ultimate comfort.

MOTION MATTRESSESIt’s specially designed for use on profile bed. With its different vertical and horizontal indentations and grooves enables ventilation and heat/dampness control. It’s durable and has open cell light structure for optimal air flow in the mattress.

From KES 26,000.00KES 55,000.00

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