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19 Jun, 2021
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marital problems

Marital Problems – H&S Love Affair

5 Common Marital Problems

marital problems
No marriage is perfect and many couples face similar issues at some point in their marriage. Most issues can be resolved but there are others that need a lot of effort, willingness, and even help. Marriage is all about partnership and a learning curve for both partners and to make it a successful marriage both partners need to put in equal effort in order to build a solid foundation. Below are some of the reasons why partners may end up shaking your foundation.

Some Of The Common Marital Problems:

1. Communication Gap- In today’s world communication may seem so easy due to the gadgets that keep you connected to the world, however, couples shouldn’t need to rely on gadgets to have meaningful conversations. If can’t have deep, meaningful conversations with each other then this can eventually lead to bigger issues. Remember, communication is KEY!

2. Dumping Household Responsibilities On Your Better half- The new generation doesn’t believe in the old traditional norms that a woman needs to take care of the house. For a marriage to be successful and discord-free both husband and wife need to distribute responsibilities equally. It’s a good practice to have the responsibilities written down together as part of the daily routine so no one feels burdened. Remember Sharing is caring!

3. Trust Issues- A lot of marriages fail because of lasting trust issues. Building & rebuilding trust is a process that takes time and yes it is possible! Don’t let the trust issues ruin a good marriage!

4. Connection Is Missing- Connection on all fronts physical & more so emotional is necessary for a healthy marriage. To get a good connection with your partner you need to build & work on your skills of listening, validating emotions, and asking open-ended questions. Don’t rely on assumptions!

5. Feeling ‘Unsafe’- If you are in an abusive marriage then the marriage is not a successful one. Abuse can be in the form of emotional, verbal, or physical and any form of abuse means the marriage needs work and help! In love, there should be no abuse!

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