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24 Feb, 2021
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Manifesting The Life You Want – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Manifesting The Life You Want: How Are You Going To Fill The Pages? – by Alia Datoo

A New Year means a Fresh New Start. It’s the beginning of a New Chapter in the book of your life. What are you going to fill the pages with?

2020 was a year of Limitations. There was so much that we had aspired to do, but could not do. 2021 is a year of Limitless Possibilities. You can fill it so much: You can challenge yourself with limitless health goals such as Climbing mountains, or getting outdoors and simply walking. Or even better, getting a bicycle (I’ve seen many cyclists take to the road these days).

Whatever you aspire to achieve in 2021, whether it is big or small, written down, shared out or kept to yourself, Go for it! Just don’t think about the How. ‘

In my quest to step into my power as a Healer, Leader and Teacher, I am already discovering opportunities that are pointing me in that direction. Actually, several directions. I am sure that you too, in your quest to become and achieve who and what you want to, are faced with an innate question of WHAT SHOULD I DO?

Well, as much as achieving our goals is all about DOING something about them, you really should be dedicating some time thinking about what you are filling your pages with. In other words, how are you putting your goals down?

You may have heard that the language in which you frame your goals matters. Oftentimes, we tend to focus on the experience we are having NOW rather than what we intend to experience in the future. For instance, when we manifest financial abundance, I have heard people say, “I want a lot of money!”, or “I want to be Rich!” Well, I think it’s great to want A LOT of money but, wouldn’t it be even greater if you knew what you wanted TO DO with “a lot of Money”?

So, if you had A LOT of Money, you would….. travel the world, help the less fortunate, build your dream house, open a school… See the possibilities? It’s the same with the rest of your goals.

What about the “I want to be Healthy in 2021” or, “I want to lose XKgs in 3 Months” – well, I tried this for several years, and now the thought of eating boring, bland and little food, and having to struggle for hours on the treadmill with murderous thoughts for my Personal Trainer, just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. But, when I think about what I can achieve once I get my health on point (Everest, K2, oh so much more!) I get motivated to make choices that will help me achieve my goal.

So, you see the difference now?

Don’t just fill your page with “Goals” fill them with experiences, with feelings, with a purpose! Get into alignment with the vibration of how you feel once you have achieved that goal! Look at the benefits achieve this goal will have for you and trust me, this way you will notice how your TO DO/TO BE list starts shrinking.

So, what are you taking off your goal list for 2021?
Manifesting the life you want

Manifesting The life you want

manifesting the life you wantAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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