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Maili Saba Camp

Maili Saba Camp Is A Subsidiary Of The Ujima Foundation

Ujima Foundation

Maili Saba Camp is a sanctuary of tranquillity and conviviality that rejects the rigidity of modern life. Tucked away on the edge of the magnificent, dormant, Menengai Crater, it accommodates only twenty pampered guests at a time. It embraces a warm casual atmosphere within African Simplicity.

Whether you will visit us on your way to the Northern/Western frontier, or come for a weekend out, you will leave refreshed and inspired by nature just twenty minutes from Nakuru National Park. The Camp offers a more comfortable, relaxing and secure environment where we do our level best to suit your every need. If you are looking for gourmet cooking, a relaxed atmosphere and excellent yet non-intrusive service, Maili Saba Camp is the place to go for.

About Ujima Foundation

Ujima Foundation for training and development is an urban development organization providing employability training and access to the labor market to orphaned youth that are taking care of their sibling.

Ujima FoundationUjima Foundation targets youth, women mostly between the age range of 18 to 24 years old, who are faced with the responsibility of taking care of their siblings because their parents have passed away.

Ujima trains these youths on employability skills, entrepreneurship and hospitality and works together with over 100 employers for attachment and job opportunities in Nakuru and Kisumu Kenya. During the training period, the trainees are equipped with Knowledge, Attitude and Practice (KAP) and subsequently attached to mentors who guides and network them towards employment.

Since the training center opened its doors in 2004, Ujima Foundation has trained over 2,500 orphaned youngsters with familial responsibilities 80 percent of them securing gainful employment.
As a result, over 3,500 children in these households have access to better shelter, health care and education and are able to live in a family setup. It also means that they become role models to their siblings and thus able to fully participate in the community and shun destructive life styles.

Ujima FoundationSince we train our trainees to be self reliant we as an organization also try to achieve the same; Ujima owns and run an income generating project, with the ultimate goal of generating sufficient income to become donor independent. The trainees also use the lodge for practical training and industrial exposure.


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Maili SabaMaili Saba Camp is a subsidiary of the Ujima Foundation