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08 Dec, 2022
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loving-kindness meditation

Loving-Kindness Meditation For Children – By Michelle Arscott

A Little Bit Of Loving-Kindness: A Meditation Practice For Children – Written by Michelle Arscott

Today’s audio is a short loving-kindness meditation for children.

2020 has been quite a year and what is definitely needed is a good sprinkle of kindness and compassion. ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind,’ anon. As parents, you can play your role in raising kind and compassionate children, surely one of the most desired characteristics that parents want for the next generation.
Children are naturally egocentric, especially when they are younger, nevertheless you can help to foster kindness through leading by example and the practice of loving-kindness meditation.

What is loving-kindness meditation?
A simple practice of offering positivity and love to yourself and to others.
The word meditation simply means to focus on something quietly and in the instance of guided meditation, the anchor is the voice.

Why practice loving-kindness meditation?
Research indicates that just practising a loving-kindness meditation for seven minutes a day can have many benefits. With children, you can slowly build up the practice length over time.
There are many benefits to the loving-kindness meditation practice including:
Increased feelings of positivity, an awareness of others and that everyone is connected. Beginning to learn the importance of self-love and treating ourselves kindly as well as others. Awareness that you have the power over your thoughts and can choose to think positively.

Where do you begin?
As a parent or caregiver, start by practising loving-kindness meditation yourself so that you are guiding your children from a place of authenticity.
Find a quiet spot, take three deep breath and say the mantra below to yourself and then offer the mantra to others. Repeat the mantra but substitute the ‘I’ with ‘you.’
Try this daily for a week and see how you feel. You can visualise specific people like in the children’s loving-kindness audio from this article.

May I be happy
May I be healthy
May I feel peace
May I be safe
May I live with ease

A great way to foster loving-kindness practice in children is through stories. The book ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles’ is inspired by the ideas of the loving-kindness meditation practice and is a great introduction to the practice. Stories are a medium to start discussions and to deepen children’s understanding of concepts, in this case, the power of positive thinking and connection.

May you be happy
May you be healthy
May you feel safe

For more information about the children’s picture book ‘Jake’s Joyful Bubbles,’ visit If you visit the website there is another free loving-kindness meditation to download and some accompanying activities to support your family’s loving-kindness practice.


loving-kindness meditationMichelle Arscott – ‘The International Life Coach’ and ‘The International Kids Life Coach”; is an award-winning life coach, specialising in mental wellness and health. Michelle coaches adults, children, groups and companies. She is also an accredited mindfulness children’s teacher, a former primary school teacher with a background in Psychology, and now a published children’s author.

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