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11 Aug, 2022
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Loving Acts Bear Loving Fruits!

Loving Acts Are All That Is Needed! – An Article by Shahwana

We want people to speak to us with love, we want them to smile at us and be polite, that’s the human nature, to expect that behaviour from one another. Now, the question is, have we planted that seed with others, to harvest the fruit? Something to think about, yes?

We reap we what we sow, as the saying goes. So, we have now started the right plantation, in thoughts, in words and in action, we can enjoy the fruits of similar vibrations.

Mindful thinking leads to mindful talk and action. So, let’s see our lives in a receiving mood, that is, when we speak, be mindful, ‘what should I say’ and ‘how I should say it’. What’s the response I need to receive back. Can I practice love and kindness in my thoughts, my words about the person am not happy with, is there a good quality that I can perhaps appreciate about the person?

It’s not always easy to be kind. Maybe with our family and friends. But what about that always irritating co-worker or the guy behind the cash register at your local grocery store? Often, a lack of kindness isn’t due to true apathy. Instead, it’s due to exhaustion. After all, we’re busy! Realize we are all connected, sometimes we do pick energy vibrations from another person, for instance, when you are angry, that vibe can be picked up by another, & that passes on.

“As a “Being of Divine Love” your words must be kind and gentle and not injurious. When an infant dirties its diaper, you do not scream at the baby – likewise with a young, immature soul in a big body.”

Love is the food that will make your soul grow. By loving deeply, you may become one with your beloved and one with all.”

“Project Loving-kindness to your partner and the person will bloom.”

“In marriage, you love a lot and forgive a lot. Love is the lubricant.”

“What is the quality of your relationship? What kind of energy have you sent to your partner? By what comes out of your mouth, you will know the status of your relationship.” – Grand Master Choa Kok Sui (Founder of Modern Pranic Healing)

Loving Acts Bear Loving Fruits

Shahwana Khanam – Pranic Healer

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