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27 Jul, 2021
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Love Is Love – H&S Love Affair

What Is Love?
love is love

Love isn’t and doesn’t have to be perfect. Love isn’t some fairytale or some romance novel. Love isn’t easy, it is your everyday struggle and even though it’s a simple 4 letter word that is easy to spell, it’s not so easy to define. Love grows over time by overcoming obstacles and by facing challenges together. It is all about balance and ‘give and take’! Love is about being safe & secure. It’s about accepting one’s flaws and being vulnerable. Love is patient and calm. Love is respect. Love cannot be dictated or controlled, it cannot be bought or sold. Love is keeping a check on your partner. Love isn’t unfair or unjust! Love is beyond reason. What ‘love’ is, when, how, where, why & with who it happens is a mystery! LOVE IS LOVE!

What does love mean to you?

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