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17 May, 2022
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Looking For A Console That Can Fit Your New New Big Screen TV? We Have Just The Option For You

Looking For A Console That Can Fit Your New Big Screen TV? We Have Just The Option For You

It Can Look Quite Odd Having A Big Screen TV, And A Console Not To Match

If It’s About Time To Upgrade That TV Room Console/Wall Unit Have A Look At What We Have In Store For You

Belaflex Wall Unit For 65’TV

It has a space for up to 65″ TV, has an organizer thread where it will make organizing the wires much easier, an incredible 25mm top shelf for you to place your decorations, it has a hinged door. It has compartments to place your decorative objects and family pictures.

Belaflex Wall Unit For 65'TV


Tecno Mobili Chicago TV Stand For 65’TV-Lacca Fume

It supports TV of up to 65 inches. It also comes with holes for passing wires hence leaving your space neat and organized. It also has compartments for keeping electronics (home theater, DVD, DECODERS, etc). You can also place your favorite books and accessories. The stand blend well with other furniture, and gives your room an elegant touch. It has a wide wooden base stand for sustained stability.

Tecno Mobili Chicago TV Stand For 65'TV-Lacca Fume



DJ Moveis Wall Unit For 65′ TV-Marroqim/Off White

DJ Moveis Wall Unit For 65' TV-Marroqim/Off White

Is ideal for those looking for elegance and modern touch to their living room; Features such as its (25mm) niche and glass shelves, add charm and sophistication to your living space.

In addition, it also features LED strip that illuminates the top of the niche, bringing even more elegance to this beautiful piece of furniture, which supports TVs up to 65 inches. The entertainment center has two slatted sliding doors, closing the entire lower base, where you will have space for organizing the most diverse objects with a lot of style. With (37mm) base, it provides more stability and resistance to your product.

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