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18 Sep, 2021
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Lobster by Chef Juliën van Loo, H&S Chef Of The Month

H&S Chef Of The Month

Chef Julien
Chef Juliën van Loo

Nationality: Dutch

Restaurant Parkheuvel

Interview With H&S Magazine

Who Is Juliën van Loo?

Juliën stands for a young generation of successful chefs who are completely committed to their work. He wants to constantly develop his skills. With an eye for the latest trends in gastronomy, he brings together classic and modern components.


Type Of Cuisine?

French International!


What Inspired You To Become A Chef?

My father has taught me my love for food, traveling the world has reinforced this. I love translating worlds treasures in such a way that we can use them in Parkheuvel’s kitchen.


What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Faced In The Culinary Industry?

This year I would definitely say Covid-19, it was a tough year for the culinary industry. Besides the pandemic, for me, the biggest challenge in the culinary industry is to keep our two Michelin stars.


What’s Your Biggest Achievement In The Culinary Industry?

Working for Peter Gilmore in Australia and being able to cook for the top 50 best chefs followed by coming back to the Netherlands and being my father’s right hand in the kitchen of restaurant Parkheuvel. Having a Family business is I think one of the greatest achievements.


When It Comes To Cooking What Is More Important To You The Technique, The Ingredients, Or The Creativity?

First of all the flavor is the most important, followed by creativity.


Recipe Of The Week: Lobster

Bacon & Beans | Truffle | Nut Vinaigrette

String Bean Jelly


• 250g string bean juice
• 175g chicken stock
• 3g of agar
• 1 sheet of gelatin
• 0.3g of antioxidant
• 3g of Chlorophyll
• Salt to taste
• Worcester to taste
• Tobasco to taste


Make string beans juice then add the chicken stock followed by the rest of the ingredients. Let this come to a boil then pour into a gastronome plate let it harden/set.


Truffle Mayonnaise


• 125g egg yolk
• 70g fried bacon
• 25ml sherry vinegar
• 1 tablespoon of truffle tapenade
• 30g of mustard
• 8 turns of pepper
• 500ml Arachide oil
• 4 dl hazelnut oil
• Salt to taste


Add the egg yolk, sherry vinaigrette, mustard, Truffle tapenade, fried bacon, salt, and pepper together in the magi mix. Add the Arachide oil and hazelnut oil together drop by drop so that you get mayonnaise (stop when the desired thickness is accomplished).


Black Bean Cream


• 500g soaked black beans (soaked for 24 hours)
• 3 shallots (finely chopped)
• 60g smoked bacon
• 1 sprig of rosemary
• 1 sprig of thyme
• 250 ml white wine
• 1 litre chicken stock
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 150g sepia


Soak black beans for 24 hours. Prepare the black beans with all the ingredients into a classic risotto. When everything is cooked, then add and mix this in the Thermo blender. Lastly, add the sepia.


Chive Emulsion


• 125g of protein
• 300g chive oil
• Vinegar salt to taste
• Sushi vinegar to taste


For The Chive Oil: 300 grams oil and 75 grams chives; heat the oil to 90 degrees and put the chives in the Thermo blender. When the oil is at 90 degrees, add this oil to the Thermo blender. Mix in the blender for 4 minutes. Strain
through a towel.

For The Chive Emulsion: Add 125 grams of protein, 300 grams of chive oil, vinegar, salt, sushi vinegar together in a measuring cup/jug. Then use the immersion blender to thicken, adjust seasoning to taste, and place this in a piping bag.


Nut Vinaigrette


• 1 tbsp sherry vinegar
• 2 tbsp apple juice
• 2 tbsp cider vinegar
• 1.5 tbsp 10-year-old balsamic vinegar
• 1 tbsp liquid acacia honey
• Half tbsp Dijon mustard
• 50 ml olive oil
• 125 ml hazelnut oil
• 0.5g powdered sugar


Mix sherry vinegar, apple juice, cider vinegar, and balsamic vinegar with honey and stir in the mustard to taste. Pour in the olive oil and hazelnut oil and stir briefly. The vinaigrette does not have to be homogeneous. Season with salt and pepper.


Vinaigrette Finish


• 250 ml nut vinaigrette base
• 5 tablespoons peach kernel oil
• 1 egg yolk
• 50 grams Crumbled marzipan


Mix everything in a small measuring cup to make a nice emulsion.


Lobster Salad


• 150g haricot verts (blanched and finely chopped)
• 300g lobster elbows (sliced)
• 100g artichoke (hearts)
• Truffle mayonnaise to taste
• 100g foie gras (diced)
• Salt and pepper to taste
• 50ml Coulis homard


Boil the lobsters (per 100 grams) for 1 min. Break out the lobster and remove the meat. Only use the elbow of the lobster for the salad. Finely chop and blanch haricot verts, clean artichoke bottoms, and cook sous-vide. (Olive oil. Thyme, garlic, & rosemary). Vacuum. Cut 100 grams of goose liver into brunoises, add salt and pepper to taste.

For The Coulis homard: Heat Arachide oil in a stockpot and fry the bouquet with the tomatoes, thyme, bay leaf, lemongrass, and saffron over low heat for a few minutes. Bake the carcasses for a while. Pour the cognac into the pan and flambé. Deglaze with white wine. Add the lemon zest and tomato paste and pour in the fish stock. Reduce to a third over low heat. Stir occasionally. Pass through a fine sieve. Season with Noilly Prat, Pernod, and red port. If you think the sauce is too thin but the taste is good, thicken the sauce with tapioca flour or reduce it a little further. Depending on the amount of liquid, stir 1 or more teaspoons of tapioca flour into a little cold water, pour this mixture into the sauce and bring it back to the boil. When heated, the starch binds.


Extra Garnish:


• Fermented black crispy soybean
• Iberico Ham (finely chopped)
• Amsterdam hot fat
• Zorri cress





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