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29 Sep, 2022
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Living Room Ideas – H&S Homes & Gardens

10 Top Picks For Living Room Decor Ideas

Are you looking to redefine your living room? Whether your living room is open-plan, expansive or compact we have elegant, classic and contemporary schemes which include a variety of styles, colour schemes and so much more to match both your space and budget– and we have included a ton of added-value design advice, too. So, keep reading this article as we unveil the top 6 ideas on how to bring your living room to life! Whether you are looking for that traditional living room look or the modern or contemporary look, below are our favourite picks. Are you ready to be blown away by the mesmerising living room looks?

1. Monotones + Wood-
living room ideas

A monotone scheme goes perfectly with wood as this balances comfort with creativity and functionality. Wooden textures always add warmth to a living space thereby making it welcoming.


2. Mix & Match-
living room ideas

A country living room with a contemporary feel, using a light backdrop that matches with the upholstery is unique. If you love florals or paisleys then you can try mixing this with stripes to get a subtly elegant contemporary country feel.


3. Bold Artwork-

This is the quickest way to upgrade your living room by hanging an artwork that stands out. Remember, this is the space where guests are entertained and where the family spends a lot of time together, so make a statement hanging a piece that enlivens the room.


4. Highlight With Paint-
living room ideas

With simple paint ideas, you can completely transform your living room. Pick one thing you want to create a contrast with, for example, a window frame painted white that provides the perfect contrast to not just the walls but also makes a perfect backdrop for the bright red sofas.


5. Something Checked-

For a smart living room scheme, opt for checkered upholstery such as the sofa above. You can even go a little creative and mix different sized checks to add a contemporary feel.


6. Floor’s The Focus-

Flooring is very important in the living room design plan. You can choose the floor itself to be the focus of the room, for example, by adding an expensive Persian rug to add a luxurious feel to the space.


7. Stand-out Furniture Piece-
living room ideas

Another quick way to transform your living room is by adding a stand-out piece of furniture. This could be a bold coloured piece of furniture in contrast to the rest of the living room space.


8. Dark Wall With A Contrast-

A living room with dark walls and pale sofas or sofas, in contrast, can create an unforgettable impact on your guests.


9. Eclectic Here & There-

An eclectic mix of patterns with pops of colour makes the place interesting but at the same time welcoming too.


10. Wallpaper Craze-
living room ideas

Bold wallpapers instantly breathe life into any boring space, so don’t shy away from picking a bold wallpaper print for an impactful space. If you want a calmer feel stick to pale greens or blues. But if your game for bold, go for it!


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