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03 Mar, 2024
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LIVEPRO- Double Grip Weighted Medicine Exercise Ball

LIVEPRO- Double Grip Weighted Medicine Exercise Ball


Livepro’s double grip medicine ball not only has all the characteristics of a traditional fitness ball but also a unique binaural grip design. This design provides trainers with more exercise movements. They are made with high quality wear-resistant rubber material that is highly elastic and anti-drop. The rubber configuration is balanced to ensure an excellent center of gravity. The anti-slip texture on the surface of the medicine ball increases the grip and makes training safer.


Livepro Double Grip Medicine Ball

Ergonomic handles provide a good grip, which is a prerequisite for being able to train well. The stylish design together with the abrasion-resistant surface ensures that these balls last even during harsh gym use.

Gymnastics training is a very popular and functional form of training, so these balls are recommended for all gyms that want to offer their customers high-quality and versatile training opportunities. Handle Gym Ball is also suitable for rehabilitation, training and balance exercises.

If you want to take your training with gym balls even further, we recommend that you test the handle balls. When quality and endurance are also important, then Livepro Medicine Handleball is a safe choice.

Medicine Ball by LIVEPRO is ideal for use in tossing exercises, but it is not recommended for bouncing exercises. It has 6 Kg, non-slip finish, manufactured with non-toxic products. This Throwing Ball is widely used for strength or pilometric training, cardiovascular work and recovery from injuries. The LivePro durable grip for improved gripping action.

  • Surface With Rough Texture For Improved Gripping Action
  • Grips Allow For More Exercises Where Grip Is Essential. Manufactured In High Quality Virgin Rubber
  • Made to last