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06 Dec, 2021
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Lighting Trends For Your Bedroom – H&S Homes & Gardens

7 Lighting Trends For A Bright & Beautiful Bedroom!

A bedroom doesn’t have to be just a room used as a sleeping space. It’s a personal space and it should be stylish and can be used for reading and relaxing. Lighting is most of the time neglected when it comes to bedroom decor, however, it’s one of the most important aspects when designing and decorating a bedroom. It can be more than just a statement piece, providing ample light making your personal space a perfect haven for you to relax and unwind. Check out our top 7 picks that will brighten up your bedroom and enhance its beauty.


1. Classy Chandelier-

A classy chandelier not only brightens your bedroom but also gives it a sophisticated look. The chandelier has been popular for many years and is the perfect statement piece to invest in, if you want to give your bedroom an upgrade!


2. Tall Floor Lamp-

A tall modern floor lamp is another way to make your bedroom stand out. You can place it strategically to create your personal spot where you can unwind and read or work from!


3. Modern Bedside Lamp-

lighting trendsA modern bedside lamp doesn’t only add character to your bedroom but also adds functionality, as you can enjoy reading in bed before going to sleep.


4. Asymmetric Lighting-

Symmetry has been an integral part of interior designing for decades, but the new trend is shifting to asymmetry such as asymmetric lighting which gives the bedroom a unique look, making it the focal point of the bedroom. This trend will be seen more so as we enter 2022.


5. Geometric Statement Pendant-

lighting trendsEye-catching geometric pendant is another growing trend that will continue through 2022. These ‘show-stopper’ pieces are perfect for a bespoke bedroom as it looks stunning, whilst it hangs effortlessly from the ceiling.


6. Low Hung Bedside Pendants-

This is a very clever trend as it tends to give an impression of having a taller ceiling in your bedroom as well as frees up space on your bedside tables. It’s perfect if you have a smaller or bigger bedroom and want pleasing symmetrical statement pieces in your room.


7. Inbuilt LED Backlighting-

lighting trendshaving LED backlighting fit in your bed cabinetry is another clever design to incorporate in your bedroom. You can position the lighting in so many ways such as the middle of the headboard wall to brighten up and beautify your space.

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