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23 Sep, 2021
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Letting Go Of Your Goal

Letting Go Of Your Goal – Positive Reflection Of The Week

Letting Go Of Your Goal – Sometimes, It’s Best To Give Up

You’ve probably always heard people tell you “DON’T GIVE UP ON THAT DREAM/GOAL” but guess what; sometimes it’s better to actually Give it up. Here’s why…

Riz had dreamed of being an executive in the corporate sector all his life. He studied hard at school and managed to get a scholarship to Harvard where he pursued his degree in Business Administration and because he did so well, he was also able to secure a Master’s in Business Administration from the same University.

Before he even graduated he was offered his first job at a multimillion-dollar corporation. Over the next six years, he quickly climbed his way up the corporate ladder and found himself as CEO of the firm. All his hard work had paid off leading to a meteoric rise. He bought expensive cars and filled his closet with designer suits and watches. He had everything that he had ever wanted – or so he thought.

It was on a well-deserved vacation when Riz realized that while chasing his dream of becoming an executive he had missed out on life. His health had taken a toll because of the 18hours a day he had been working for years and he had lost his ability to enjoy the smallest things in life. It was then that he realized how much of his life his childhood dream had consumed. He wanted to quit, but giving up was for losers, right?

Meet Alice. She had just turned 40 and was in a happy marriage, but had not had a child yet. When she was in her thirties, Alice had doubled her efforts to get pregnant using both modern and traditional methods. However, as she got closer to the big four-zero, she began to accept that it would be difficult to attain this goal of getting pregnant and so let go of the idea to conceive. As a result, she was less prone to depression than others who continued to actively pursue it.

Giving Up is not always the right decision as sometimes when we give up too soon, we could end up sabotaging ourselves in the process. However, when you feel that you are putting all your effort and energy into a goal that may have outlived its usefulness; you could be missing out on opportunities to pursue other more meaningful goals.

When a goal is unattainable, holding onto it can be depressing. It takes a lot of courage to come to terms with the fact that despite multiple efforts it may be best just to disengage from that goal and look for another equally satisfying goal that you can spend time and energy on. Remember, this does not mean that you are giving up before the tough gets going. It simply means that you are valuing your time and energy enough to invest it wisely.

When something becomes less personally important, it’s a clue to give up on that and probably focus on something that is more personally meaningful or satisfying.

Goals and Goalposts keep on changing. There is nothing wrong in letting go of one goal to pursue another. Just remember to keep it healthy!

Letting Go Of Your GoalAlia Datoo, Transformational Holistic Energy Coach

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