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18 Jul, 2024
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Let’s Talk About HOME With Mabel

Home Decor Chit Chat.

So I decided to do something amazing, amazing enough to engage you. I took to the streets to have a little chit chat on what completes a home or rather what gives you that warm welcoming feel at home.

Tell me, what do you think or feel at the mention of the word, “Home?

Here is what these amazing, amazing people had to say!

Home decorBuyeke Obare (Kenyan), 28 years old, a Research consultant, Entrepreneur and Fashion blogger says, home to her is a well decorated console table in the entry way. She further explains how this console table simply helps to set that perfect mood for a home and a strong first impression for guests.


Home decorChakkapan khochakul (Thai) 23 years old, Administrator says, home to him is a minimalist space with little but good furniture, and fine touches of interior decor pieces. He further adds, mahogany and a little African wooden touch, completes his home description.

Home decor

Racheal (Rwandees) 25 years, cabin crew says, Home to her is some good scent, welcoming furniture, beautiful warm colours, perfectly blended and some good decoration.

Home decor

Njambi Mwangi (Kenyan) 33 years old, Procurement Specialist says, home to her is some amazing fluffy rugs for that cozy feel, subtle colours since they create an impact in many different ways, and tasty food for the soul.

Home decorRahab Mbugua (Kenyan) 28 years old, founder of Kui’s kitchen and hotelier says, Home to her is a little heaven on earth, that nice equipped kitchen that enables her to make all the hearty meals for the family (because great moments are made when families come together). She further explains how nice couches, warm curtains with perfect drapes, makes a home. Not forgetting well arranged decor and every amazing baby friendly decor pieces.

Home decorRoblez Gai (Kenyan) 32 years, a Public Relations Practitioner says, home to her is a cosy and neat space. She further explains how stripes of black and white make her home complete. Especially when perfectly created in the bedroom.

Home decorMrs. Fridah Nzamsa (Kenyan), 31 yrs of age, an Advocate of the high court of Kenya says , Home to her is comfort and warmth. A casually thrown blanket for the cold days or a movie night on the sofa. Inviting colours that embrace and hug you, lifting your spirit the moment you walk through the door. She further explains how home to her is big windows with soft coloured curtains that run from high to low. She continues to explain how Fresh flowers cannot be left out, well placed in a big vase begging to be sniffed.

Home decorRose Mmbone (Kenyan) 26 yrs of age, business owner and proud mother says, home is where there is comfort, love, peace and blissful moments created with family and kids. A place where she can be herself and not loose her personality.
Home decorAlice Kimani (Kenyan) 26 years of age, a business owner (Shannelle Baby World), explains how home to her is a perfectly decorated wall with round mirrors as they create that dramatic effect on the wall. She further explains how scented candles invites in the most charm, and a neat home to her, further amps up that glam factor. Making Her space to feel all cozy.
Home decorDaphne Awino (Kenyan), 26 years of age, an environmental conservationist and entrepreneur says, home to her is where her dreams and ideas evolve everyday. “My love for splashing colours just gets me so motivated!” she adds. After having a long day, Home is that one place where she wants to achieve that soothing relief.
Home decorJoan Ngare (Kenyan) 31 years, Communication Specialist and writer says, the term home is synonymous with warmth, peace and love, thus she uses soft lighting, nature and neutral decor themes to bring this out. Most importantly she says , putting the rule of less is more into practice, leaves everything well spaced out hence achieving that fresh, warm and airy feel.
Home decorBrian Muriithi (Kenyan) 26 years, Lawyer says, home to him is peace, tranquility and a safe haven. He further explains how a splash of colour, natural wood, flowers and good scents help in achieving this. He further emphasizes on using earthy tones to achieve warmth and some neutral colours to bring in some light.
Home decorJanice Wangari ( Kenyan) 26 years , an event planner in the hospitality industry says, when she thinks of home, she sees elegance, love, warmth and great power of perfect brains compiled together to bring one outstanding and beautiful view. She further expresses her feeling on home as a place where one can create every perfect domain of glam and be able to have that intimate spiritual conversation with God.
Home decorKaren Kinah (Kenyan) 24 years, IT consultant at the United Nations Office in Nairobi says, home to her is a wall full of beautifully displayed wall arts, she further adds; colourful rugs go a long way in creating that alluring effect.
Home decorGee Rawsons (Kenyan) 32 years, an Entrepreneur, says home to her is a neat space, well organized decor, warmth and above all enough lighting. Just that perfect lighting to expose that amazing home setup.
Home decorLilian Ombui (Kenyan) 27 years, Entrepreneur and Make up artist says, home to her is thinking made visual, “nothing gives me joy like giving my space a little lift with some amazing decor pieces.” she further adds.
Home decorGillian Abihud (Tanzanian) 32 years, Broker and writer, says home to her is the smell of fresh flowers at every corner of the house. Being able to enjoy her own space completes her definition of home, with no restrictions from anyone.
Home decorDoris (Kenyan) 31 years old, Entrepreneur says, Mirrors and flowers to her make a home complete. She strongly believes home is also where the heart belongs.
See, I gathered quite a good number of decor accents that people feel, make their interior decor styling complete. This was quite amazing getting to learn the many decor styles from different people.

Regardless of the type of space you are decorating, there is nothing more important than paying attention to details!

Tell me what other things make your home complete or rather give you that complete feel of a cozy home?

entryway decorMabel Achieng Oginga- Blogger & Founder Of MabelHomestyle


  • Brian

    November 8, 2018

    Mabel this is beautiful. I hope my villagers can see how far I’ve come too.

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