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05 Dec, 2021
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kitchen island ideas

Kitchen Island Ideas – H&S Homes & Gardens

Top 6 Kitchen Island Ideas!

The kitchen is definitely the heart of your home and kitchen islands have become an integral part of the large open plan kitchen designs. There are various options to pick from to suit your open plan design, be it long & slim for compact spaces, or broad with sink, appliances, and ample storage for larger spaces. The kitchen island isn’t only functional but will help transform your kitchen completely and make cooking enjoyable! Need some kitchen island inspiration? Check out our top 6 picks!


1. Double Islands-

kitchen island ideas
Two’s definitely better than one! If you have the space then a pair of island units is what your kitchen needs for a luxurious and expansive look.


2. Unusual Shaped Island-

Instead of sticking to the traditional rectangular-shaped island why not opt for something different? Something that fits your space and makes a statement feature.


3. Dual Material Island –

kitchen island ideas
Using different materials to break the monotony as well as separate areas such as marble for the island and wood for the breakfast bar.


4. L-Shaped Island-

kitchen island ideas
An L-shaped island is a perfect way of increasing seating as well as creating enough space for cooking & serving. If you love to entertain from your kitchen this is the ideal kitchen island for your home


5. Long Kitchen Island-

A long kitchen island is perfect for large kitchens that have plenty of space. They not only make the perfect showstopper but also allow ample seating as well as storage space.


6. Kitchen Island With Design-

It’s all in the small details! How about an aesthetically looking kitchen island that looks stunning? Pick something that stands out and makes your kitchen the centre of your home!


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