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05 Dec, 2021
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kitchen cabinetry designs

Kitchen Cabinetry Designs – H&S Homes & Gardens

Picking The Correct Kitchen Cabinetry Design For Your Kitchen!

When it comes to renovating or designing a kitchen, the cabinet design by far, is the most important choice you will need to make. Your cabinet design choice will determine how well your kitchen is organised and designed.  We have therefore shortlisted the top designs we think you must consider before planning or recreating your dream kitchen. So get ready for some inspirational ideas for kitchen cabinet designs as you prepare to create the kitchen of your dreams!


1. Clever Cabinetry To Hide Appliances-
kitchen cabinetry designs

For a more seamless look, how about using same colour cabinetry be it for your counter-depth refrigerator and freezer or your dishwasher. This particular design is also perfect for small kitchens to keep it looking clean and tidy.


2. Sleek Handleless Cabinetry-
kitchen cabinetry designs

Space should be the priority when designing or renovating small kitchen spaces. Again the handleless cabinets are perfect for a seamless, sophisticated and less cluttered look. You can have this contemporary design in a variety of finishes from hi-gloss to textured woods and ceramics.


3. Sliding Cabinetry-

Sliding doors are another favourite to have in small kitchen spaces as they’re a clever space-saving trick!


4. Open Shelved Cabinetry-

Open shelves are great if you have a good crockery collection or want your ingredients close at hand when cooking. This is also good where space is an issue and having cabinets that open and close may not be feasible.


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