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31 Jan, 2023
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J.K. Florists: Your Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

J.K. Florists: Your Guide To Choosing Your Bridal Bouquet

Getting Married, Need A Bridal Bouquet, But Not Sure Where To Start? Ask J.K. Florists!

Did you know that the custom of having a bridal bouquet dates back to ancient times, when women carried spices or strong herbs to ward off evil spirits? According to old European tradition, carrying a bridal bouquet symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, & unmarried women would thus tear pieces from the bride’s bouquet to capture some of the good fortune for themselves. Over time this tradition has evolved, whereby the bride tosses her bouquet towards unmarried women, and whoever catches it is believed to be next in line to be wed (good fortune). Whatever the reason behind the tradition of carrying a bridal bouquet, one thing’s for sure, no bridal look is complete without a fresh floral bouquet and they take centre stage in wedding photography. Having said that, what makes a perfect bridal bouquet, and how do you go about choosing one? It’s definitely one of the most challenging tasks for any bride but fret not J.K. Florists have got you covered with these tips below:

1. Get Your Bridal Outfit Sorted Before Picking Your Bouquet!

bridal bouquetWhat your dress looks like will define what type of bouquet you should be opting for, as the style, shape, colours should all complement your dress by balancing your final look. This is why a great florist will ask you about the details of your dress.

2. What Type Of Bouquet Do You Want?

bridal bouquetWhen it comes to a bouquet type, the shape and size matter. Some of the most popular bouquet types:

1. Round Bouquets or posy bouquets are the classic bridal bouquet style. As the name suggests, the bloom formation is typically in a round shape where the stems are cut to the same length and tied into a tight shape with little to no foliage. Usually for this type of bouquet a great florist will suggest one type of flower and the most popularly used is roses which are all in one colour.

2. Cascading Bouquets are an arrangement of flowers that literally cascade from the bride’s hands towards the floor, creating a natural trailing or waterfall effect. It can hold anywhere from 15 to 50 flowers, with a lot of foliage in between.

3. Hand-tied Bouquets consist of wildflowers, roses etc, where the stems are left exposed and tied with a ribbon or lace to give it the finished look. This style of bouquet is getting more and more popular and are perfect for rustic or outdoor weddings, for example weddings on the beach.

4. Asymmetrical Bouquets, as the names suggests, these bouquets don’t define a shape or structure. They can be made with any type of flowers, the bigger, the better, along with foliage to complete the look. If you want to go for something unusual, then this is the bouquet for you.

3. What Colours Should Be Included In Your Bouquet?

Another reason why you should know what you are wearing before you pick your colour palette for your bouquet. You want the flowers to complement the colour of your dress, for example if you are wearing a white dress you need to be careful when picking white flowers in your bouquet. A great florist may ask for a picture or a swatch of your wedding dress to help you pick the right colours for your bouquet.

4. Work Closely With Your Florist!

A great florist will let you know what flowers will be available for your wedding. Not all flowers may be in season, and hence it is important to closely work with your florist. If you want orchids, you need to know the season for orchids. It’s a common mistake most brides make when planning their bridal bouquet they don’t realize that the flowers they might want, may not be available for their wedding. Also, your florist will guide you on the weight and what to expect when holding a bouquet. This is important if you are leaning towards a cascading bouquet, you don’t want to have a tired wrist, or feel lopsided, especially if you are petite. As a guide, your florist will advise you to have your wrist by your hip when holding a bouquet, as this is the ideal position that stops you from hunching or holding your bouquet awkwardly. In short, always befriend your florist & let them guide you if possible 6 months prior to your big day 🙂


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