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08 Dec, 2022
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Is Your Partner Constantly Complaining? – H&S Love Affair

How To Deal With A Constantly Complaining Partner!

Complaining now and then, is common, and nothing out of the ordinary, but if you have a partner who constantly complains about everything, this can lead to frustration and annoyance that is caused from the constant negativity created. No one wants to be surrounded by negativity, as this can drain the person who has to deal with a complaining partner. It’s important to first understand why your partner complains constantly. Is it to gain attention, or to get validated, or does your partner feel that responsibilities aren’t being met or are they constantly stressed out? Below are ways on how you can deal with your partner who complains all the time.

8 Tips On How To Cope With Your ‘Constantly Complaining Partner’:

1. Pause, Breathe, Then Respond- It’s so easy to react on impulse or shut it down, however, it’s not the smartest way to respond. Try and understand the reasoning behind it all, you don’t want to end in conflict, but rather understand and help your partner resolve whatever it is that is bugging them. Be empathic, use neutral remarks, so your partner feels heard and knows there’s a willingness to help resolve whatever the issue is!

2. Don’t Take Everything Too Personally- All the complaining may make you feel you are not doing something right. This isn’t about you necessarily. All the negativity can be a lot to take sometimes, but if you don’t take every complaint too personally, and think of it as just ‘a problem that needs working through’, you will be able to work through the issues.

3. Shift The Attention From Negative To Positive- Despite all the negativity, it’s important to help your partner see the positives, for example, why you are happy in the relationship. You don’t want the negativity to end up in bouts of stress, episodes of depression, and anxiety.

4. Take A Break- Set healthy boundaries and if these are not being respected or if you are overwhelmed by all the complaining and feeling a little stressed, take a break!

5. Ask Your Partner How You Can Help- Sometimes all it takes is a simple, I hear you, I’d really like to help fix this, how can I help? And all they may want is all ears!

6. Help Reset Your Partner’s Mindset- Usually all the complaining could mean your partner is dissatisfied be it with the relationship, work, friends etc. In order to break this cycle, it’s important to try and reset the mindset. Practising daily gratitude, developing a routine that inspires you, focusing on the good, doing something spontaneous, taking on a hobby, or doing something every week together with your partner, can all help.

7. Work As A Team- Focus on constructive communication. Acknowledge and appreciate each other often. This can eliminate the need for complaints.

8. Seek Professional Help- Don’t wait until your relationship turns toxic. A counsellor can always help by guiding you and your partner. You need to communicate in a constructive way to help resolve the problem, and sometimes a professional can help you attain just that!



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