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05 Aug, 2021
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interior designs for 2021

Interior Designs For 2021 – H&S Homes & Gardens

Top 6 Interior Designs for 2021

2020 was a difficult year for all as a lot of time was spent at home but it did show us the importance of a having a home and has made us appreciate our homes more. Having said that, it’s a new year & it’s time for a change. The 2021 interior design trends are thus a reason to rejoice. As you transform your home into a beautiful space whether it’s a home office or your living room, the year’s interior design trends will provide you with a curated look that will add sparkle and life to your home. So, are you ready to be blown away with some sensational decorating styles, colour trends and materials? And if you haven’t as yet updated your home, now’s the time to start!

1. The Gray & Yellow Colour Trend-

2021 interior design

Grey & yellow is a trendy colour combination this 2021, especially the lemon yellow and pale grey combination. The two colours are a contrast yet mingle so beautifully with each other despite being different. With all that 2020 brought with it, if you are looking for a change then this is the colour combination you need to consider!

2. All Things Natural-

Interior Designs 2021

Natural materials are a huge thing this 2021, for this reason, it’s not a surprise that you will be seeing a lot of rattan or cane furniture, jute, leather or light-toned woods used in the 2021 interior trends. A jute rug can add a huge change to your space and you can accessorize it with throws made from organic fibres to complete the look!

3. Warm & Earthy Tones-

It’s time to add some warmth into our homes this 2021 using warm & earthy tones. Neutrals along with earthy tones such as olive greens, burnt orange, peacock blues, fabrics and paints with yellow and red undertones are perfect to add warmth & softness to your living space and for this reason, they’re trending this 2021.

4. Coastal Feel –

Interior Designs 2021

Who doesn’t want a tranquil look and feel for their home? Spending most of the time indoors and not being able to go to the beach is no longer an issue, 2021 interior design trends have brought the beach into your home! Aqua, ocean & inky blues are the colour to have this year to bring some peace, comfort and calmness just like the ocean into your homes.

5. Vintage-

Interior Designs 2021

If you are a fan vintage whether it’s the furniture from the past or antique decorative pieces, get ready because vintage is another style that’s going to be huge this year. You can opt for carpets in pastel shades, voluminous curtains with frills, fabrics with pastel tones and wooden furniture such as oak, mahogany or teak for the perfect refined vintage look! Remember to have the look and feel it’s good to have that slightly used or worn-out look with scuffs or patina especially on the wooden surfaces, after all, old is gold!

6. Bring In The Plants –

Interior Designs 2021

Houseplants are trending this 2021. This is not a surprise, especially considering the amount of time that was spent indoors in 2020. There is a houseplant to suit every style and space and it’s not only trendy to have one but it’s also good as it livens up your space and adds colour & freshness.

Which one is your favourite of the 6 interior designs for 2021? We love all 6 interior designs for 2021

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