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05 Dec, 2021
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Hudson Furnishings- Karibu! We Offer Interior Design Home & Office Transformations

Hudson Furnishings- Karibu! We Offer Interior Design Home & Office Transformations

Hudson Furnishing – The Place Where ‘A House’ Is Transformed Into ‘Your Home’

Who Are We?

When you find the secret sauce and learn how to create interior design packages that your clients will love, you’ll both be over the freakin’ moon. We Discovered the Easiest Way to Mock-Up a Room Design Plan in interior spaces for the past few years since 2012. Environmental quality indoors is essential in an increasingly dense and populous world, and an uncomfortable, unsafe, or unhealthy interior space can be tremendously harmful to people’s physical and mental health, considering that we spend so much of our lives in it. Along the same lines, not all finishing materials are equivalent. Although the choice is normally governed by factors such as aesthetics, function, and cost, it is important to also consider the composition of each material and the effect that this could have on the environment throughout its useful life. Today, in most markets, the supply of finishing materials is wide and diverse, allowing us to evaluate factors such as their origin, durability, recyclability, and hygienic or environmental properties that are not unrelated to the future comfort of the space to be designed.

Hudson Furnishing has looked into what really matters in making all this possible and still continues to provide exquisite services in making your space stand out. Our team focuses on making you feel comfortable, we work on many spaces providing expert Standard Interior design and Decor Services from:

  • Ready-to-buy quality products for different room functions in the home and office.
  • Office partitioning and work station with aluminium profile for the target client
  • Window Treatments: Curtains and Blinds, Supply & Installation or Fitting
  • Painting • Carpeting
  • Partitioning and Filming
  • Supply of Customised Furniture
  • Supply & Fit-Out of Workstations

Professional & Creative Expert Services At Affordable Rates,

Made Locally In Kenya By Kenyans:

Our services are both online and you are also welcome to our physical shop, we do delivery to various destinations and also provide ideas for the installation, you can trust us with your home or office to make the transformation. We make sure you are inlign with the Furnishing from production to delivery.

We think local thus building local, visit us today and get the professional experience you’ve been yearning. Karibu.

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