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19 Jun, 2021
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Chef Julien Perrinet

H&S Chef Of The Month: Meet Chef Julien Perrinet From France

H&S Chef Of The Month

chef julien perrinet
Chef Julien Perrinet

Nationality: French

Park Hyatt Tokyo

Interview With H&S Magazine

Who Is Julien Perrinet?

Born and raised in Concarneau, a small city in Brittany (west of France). Julien grew up in a traditional family with good values. He is the last born of 3 boys, his childhood has been stable and sweet.

His passion for cooking started early. Making cakes and sweets with his mum to celebrate any occasion was always the priority. At 12 years old, Julien announced to his parents that he wanted to become a pastry chef. After 4 years spent in the famous St Joseph culinary school in Concarneau, Julien left his hometown to Paris, to learn from the best. This is when he joined chef Bernard Ganachaud‘s team (M.O.F) in Vincennes in 2001.

After quite a few overseas experiences & rich encounters (Canada, Qatar, Maldives, China…), his path brought Julien to Singapore where he took part in the opening of two restaurants “Joel Robuchon” in Sentosa. These establishments have been awarded respectively 2 and 3 Michelin stars.

Julien joined the Hyatt family in 2015, as Executive pastry chef of the Grand Hyatt Taipei for almost 6 years. Julien is still part of the family as he integrated the iconic Park Hyatt Tokyo after his Taipei experience.

With a team of 42, he was in charge of 7 restaurants, a cake shop (Baguette) plus very large and busy banqueting operations, creating giant cakes, giant macarons pyramid, amazing buffets, and creative fashionable canapes (for brands like LV, Chanel, Moschino, Fendi, Dior, Hermes, Rolex, IWC, BMW…)

He has won many awards namely, Taiwan’s best chocolate cake (2018 and 2020) Mother’s Day competition organized by the Taiwanese media Appledaily, The Best Chef Awards (2019), selected in one of the best 400 pastry chefs in the world by “the best chef Awards”, Ambassador chef (2019) Les Vergers Boiron famous french brand providing frozen fruit and vegetable purees, coulis, semi-candied fruits and fruits in pieces. Prova Gourmet a 70 years old company that has been seeking out and selecting the most precious vanillas. Coupe du monde de patisserie (World cup pastry competition) (2019) Taiwan national pastry team finished 10th on 28 national teams which took place in Lyon (France), Asia pastry week (2018) 3rd place in the chocolate C3 Valrhona Chefs Competition, qualification for WPC with the 5th place in the Asian Pastry Cup (Taiwan team).


Type Of Cuisine?

French pastry of course with a strong Asian influence (I am since 15 years in Asia) with healthy concerns (sustainability and reducing sugar, banned coloring, and additives).


What Inspired You To Become A Chef?

I knew I wanted to become a chef since I was 12. (Probably cooking with my mum and baking cakes for family’s birthdays). I always wanted to challenge myself to make amazing cakes since I was a kid.


What Is The Biggest Challenge You Have Faced In The Culinary Industry?

I had to face many challenges in my career, but probably the biggest is communication. I have traveled in many different countries and the most challenging part is to make sure people understand you, your style, and your advice.


What’s Your Biggest Achievement In The Culinary Industry?

Despite the fact that I become an executive pastry chef in a famous hospitality brand, I believe that bringing the National Taiwan team to “coupe du Monde de la patisserie” in 2019 was one of the best memories of my career.


When It Comes To Cooking What Is More Important To You The Technique, The Ingredients Or The Creativity?

I think you need to have all of it combined to be a good chef. Once you mastered the balance between all the aspects of pastry work, this is how you become a chef. In the hotel industry, being a chef is not just cooking but so much more skills are necessary.


Recipe Of The Week: Double Cheese Tart

Recipe for 5 individual tarts, 6cm diameter and 4.5cm high

double cheese cake
Serves 5 Tarts

Vanilla Sugar Dough


• 225g AOP butter unsalted roll
• 105g sugar
• 45g trehalose
• 1.65g salt
• 288g cake flour
• 88g toasted flour (20min / 150c)
• 38g hazelnut powder
• 55g egg yolk
• 38g whole eggs
• 7.5g Prova vanilla extract with seeds



Cream the butter + sugar, then add all the powders & then slowly add in the eggs and vanilla. Let your dough rest overnight. Roll and form in the desired shape & bake at 170c with Silpain around the ring for 16-18mins.


Baked Cheese Cream (130g per tart)


• 150g Philadelphia cream cheese
• 150g Isigny fromage blanc (white cheese)
• 70g egg yolk
• 60g sugar
• 50g milk
• 50g UHT Cream 35%
• 15g Sauvignon white wine
• 1 pc Madagascar vanilla pod



Mix all the ingredients, blend well, pour in the par-baked tart (½ molds high-130gr for a tart 5cm high and 6cm diameter). Bake at 170c, for 25-30 mins.


Vanilla Chantilly (60gr per tart)

• 250g cream UHT 35%
• 25g Prova vanilla extract with seeds


Whip gently and pour in tarts. Never over-whip.


Spread the cream to the brim neatly. Sprinkle some icing sugar & decorate with chocolate & vanilla pod.


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