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12 Jun, 2024
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HP OMEN X Laptop PC- GO BEYOND LIMITS- Starting From USD1,626




Engineered for overclocking,1 the OMEN X Laptop lets you define  your own limits. With desktop-class graphics performance and  a mechanical keyboard, your team is destined for glory.


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OMEN’s first overclockable laptop

HP Omen XTwo large, high performance fans pull cool air in from numerous vents on the bottom of the laptop. An integrated vapor chamber on select configurations and four 3.5mm heat pipes help transfer heat away from the GPU and CPU and towards four massive radiators.  All of this comes together to let you push hardware beyond factory settings.

HP Omen X

10: Gaming Perfected

Unleash your gaming dominance with the revolutionary, factory overclocked1 NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 GPU that turns your  mobile rig into a sleek, powerful gaming weapon, powered by the game-changing NVIDIA® Pascal™ architecture.

PerformanceNVIDIA Performance

Now, you can get all the performance of a desktop in a mobile  form factor. NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1080 is the king of all GPUs,  built with ultra-fast FinFET, high-bandwidth GDDR5X (G5X)  technologies, and support for DirectX 12 features to deliver  the fastest, smoothest gaming notebook experiences.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080

The latest gaming technologies

NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX™ 1080 is built to meet the demands of  next-generation displays, including VR, ultra-high-resolution,  and multiple monitors. It features NVIDIA® GameWorks™  technologies for extremely smooth gameplay and cinematic  experiences, plus revolutionary new 360-degree image  capture—even in VR.

VR Ready

Discover next-generation VR performance, the lowest latency,  and plug-and-play compatibility with leading headsets—driven  by NVIDIA® VRWorks™ technologies. VR audio, physics,  and haptics let you hear and feel every moment.

Control the frontline from
your fingertips

Press forward into competition with an arena-ready keyboard setup, precision designed
for competitive gameplay.

Mechanical keyboard with N-key rollover

Inspired by the demands of e-sports competitors, mechanical switches deliver the
next-level responsiveness of a desktop setup. Experience a more tactile feel with
2.5mm travel and activate multiple keys at once with N-key rollover.

Customizable keyboard lighting

Customize ideal key maps across your favorite games with individually RGB LED backlit
keys—allowing for more focused keyboard control. Nine pre-programmed lighting
animations add a captivating glow to your gaming setup.

Independent macro keys

Customize hard-hitting combos. With Independent macro keys on the OMEN X Laptop,
you can unleash macros in seconds for a fierce strategic advantage.

Command the game

HP Omen X LightingFine-tune and customize your setup with OMEN Command Center. The included software
gives you the boost you need to rank up and deliver serious damage

Network Booster

Network Booster reduces latency by prioritizing gaming network traffic to the front of the
line. Dual Force functionality splits traffic across two data streams, sending gaming traffic
over the fastest connection available (typically wired), and all other traffic over WiFi.6

Easy overclocking

Amp up your game with an easy-to-use interface for overclocking1 your processor and
optional XMP RAM with built in safeguards to help reduce the risk of component damage.

Lighting control

Get creative with OMEN’S fully customizable lighting control which enables you to change
the color of both your chassis, with 8 different lighting zones, and keyboard. Program
each individual key a different color or choose from 9 pre-programmed keyboard lighting
animations – Color Cycle, Starlight, Breathing, Ghosting, Ripple, Wave, OMEN X, Raindrop,
and Audio Pulse.

Your sixth sense

DTS Headphone:X® technology comes built-in for a surround sound experience that puts you right in the middle of
the action. Plug your headset into the DTS Headphone:X® jack and hear precisely where every footstep
and shot comes from, and show your enemies what it means to be on full alert.

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*Video Credits:  OMEN by HP