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12 Apr, 2024
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How To Style Your Coffee Table In Five Simple Steps With Mabel

Styling Your Coffee Table In Five Simple Steps by MABEL

Why style your coffee table and which best way would you do it without creating clutter but leaving an all modern stylish look?

The coffee table is one of the most important things when it comes to decorating your living room. It’s the focal point of your whole room. They can come in all forms and shapes but they will always remain to be crucial when it comes to decorating.

Here are five simple steps on how to decorate your coffee table:

1. Mirror Tray.

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Make a statement on your coffee table with a mirror tray. If there was ever an award for the most versatile decor accessory, I would nominate the mirror tray. Using a decorative accent tray is a great way to keep your table top clutter. Mirror trays have proven for a longtime now to be the best option while decorating your coffee table. They add such depths, sparkle and interest to any vignette. When using mirror tray ensure it’s sparkling clean. This is why, when it’s squeaky clean the image reflected comes out perfectly clear with no lint of dust.

2. Decorative Books.

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Books find continual expressions in our homes. They are one of the best and most widely used props for styling. If you feel you have a clutter of books, they can be used around our homes to create exceptionally beautiful spaces, styling your coffee table being one of the many amazing options. A single book can have an understated appeal, but stack of books can look just as good. Pay attention to size as you build your stacks. On the table you will want fairly uniform stacks as opposed to books pyramids.You might want to have a theme as well.

3. Greenery/ Flowers.

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Just like books, flowers and any greenery are used in vignettes to convey a lived-in sense of authenticity that gives a grounded reality to space. They make a space look more like a home and less like a staged exhibit. If you are the kind of person that prefers plants on the table, that’s great. Any greenery will work perfectly well. If you would like something a bit exciting simply add a large vase. Greenery gives off a neutral vibe, it works so well when perfectly displayed together with other metallic pieces. Whatever your style is don’t forget that your home is your temple and you can make it shine as your own. You can go ahead and pick up a bouquet of live flowers at your nearest market for easy arranging if you are not a plants person. Just make sure to put a pretty dish below it to catch the water runoff.

4. Scented Candles.

Scents drive us to beautiful places, and it keeps us in those particular places for long. The simplest of elements can invite in the most charm, such as scented candles. Ever thought of trying coffee beans and lit candle? If scented candles appear expensive and you want to save up, try be creative. The best thing about a candle is that, it simply brings some soothing, comforting mood. Even if you don’t love scents you can still choose an unscented candle and still enjoy the same vibe. You can further go ahead and choose a candle in a glass container to not only amp up the glam factor, but minimise the mess it might create after the candle burns out.

5. Decorative Accents.

This can entail personal styling pieces, something that simply portrays your image, emotions, and partly accommodative to any other person. Some of these pieces can be collectibles, gifts or inherited. When using your decorative accents on your coffee table, try pay attention to scale and settle on a piece that feels right. These decorative accents work perfectly well inside your tray.

So those are our five easy styling tips, be sure to grab some. Time to say bye to our boring coffee tables.

Mabel Achieng Oginga- Blogger & Founder Of MabelHomestyle